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Whoever measured that first photo made the big mistake of ignoring the fact that one was much closer to the camera than the other. Glad to see other photos of what appears to be the same part. I must say I'm not a fan. The large top/bottom bezel used by Apple makes the overall phone much taller than competing devices, even those with larger screen sizes like the Nexus 5. An iPhone with a 5.5" display would be truly enormous like that crazy-big Galaxy Mega with a 6.3" screen.
Samsung most certainly does owe their success to marketing. They spend more money in that area than all their competitors put together.   Having said that there is no question that Samsung would not be where they are today had they applied that enormous marketing budget to BlackBerry knock-offs running the Symbian-like OS that Android had been prior to the introduction of the iPhone. 
Seriously?!? Two articles in a row based on the ravings of Ming-Chi Kuo?
Still no comments about how much it's going to cost to store "every photo and video you've ever taken". With the shutter-happy habits of so many people these days I can see demand for 1TB Dropbox accounts skyrocketing. Those willing and able to pay for 1TB Dropbox accounts, on the other hand...
No problem Google, I already suspended purchase of Nest products over cost and privacy concerns.
With all the talk about larger iPhone 6 models I think it's very important to ask whether the 5s is #1 because it's an iPhone or because it's a good size for a lot of customers. It can be argued the the market has chosen large phones because small Android phones are never more than a blip on the sales radar, but most small Android phones are horribly crippled devices. Apple is the only company making a flagship quality 4" phone. What happens if Apple drops 4" in favour of...
I have a 16MP camera, but most of the time I shoot 8MP images. I get superior dynamic range and better performance in less than optimal lighting. Many professional level cameras are only 16MP and they have sensors many times larger than mine. Megapixel count is just a number. While it would be nice in theory for Apple to increase the size of the sensor in the iPhone there's a problem. A bigger sensor requires a longer focal length. The phone would have to be thicker (or...
I haven't replaced my 7 year old LCD TV because:   It still works I don't watch much My wife, who does watch a lot, is happy with it We have better things to spend our money on I absolutely refuse to buy a "smart" TV
If it seems too cheap to be true... you are the product not the customer.
I have diminished eyesight and haven't seen any advantage to a large screen Android device. Most apps don't offer font size choices so most of the time the high resolution Android screen results in physically tiny print.. I find Android fonts generally hard to read even on large size, low res devices like the Galaxy S II. Maybe I just never found the settings to increase font size, but there's only so much you can do when you're borrowing someone else's phone.
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