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I haven't replaced my 7 year old LCD TV because:   It still works I don't watch much My wife, who does watch a lot, is happy with it We have better things to spend our money on I absolutely refuse to buy a "smart" TV
If it seems too cheap to be true... you are the product not the customer.
I have diminished eyesight and haven't seen any advantage to a large screen Android device. Most apps don't offer font size choices so most of the time the high resolution Android screen results in physically tiny print.. I find Android fonts generally hard to read even on large size, low res devices like the Galaxy S II. Maybe I just never found the settings to increase font size, but there's only so much you can do when you're borrowing someone else's phone.
That depends on what kind of business you're in. My company does just fine with lower cost alternatives. A handful of external facing employees have Office, but all our internal documentation is kept in non-Microsoft file formats. Sadly there are times when Numbers makes Excel look fast. What is it with spreadsheets on the Mac?
Cook was comparing iPhone 5c results to sales of the iPhone 4S when it occupied the middle tier.
That's like saying I'd rather be shot than stabbed ;)
I'm really surprised to see this coming from the WSJ. Normally their sources are officially or clandestinely approved by Apple to leak accurate information to build hype. Following all the Android OEMs into a world where the only good phone is an enormous one is very strange. The market has spoken very loudly that the most popular phone size in the world is the current iPhone. Some even claim that's too big for a phone. I think Apple would be unlikely to move from one...
Mood based advertising. Sounds like another step up the creepiness ladder to me. I don't block ads because I want the sites I visit to get credit for displaying them and so I can learn about the advertisers. A tech company advertising at AppleInsider is perfectly fine with me. On the flip side an ad promising to fix my golf swing is completely unwelcome on AppleInsider and earns that company a place on my "never buy anything from them" list. Sadly I saw an OWC ad in a...
I hope this is the year Apple finally decides to build two different sizes of iPhone. Different parts of the market have different priorities and choice is good. Yes it would complicate the product line and supply chain, but every other full-featured Apple device with a built-in display comes in two sizes (iPad, iMac, MBAir, MBPro) and when it comes to something handheld one size cannot fit all.   They could lose a lot of customers if the only new iPhone is too big. A...
Broadwell is going to be late, very late. It might not even ship until 2015.
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