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I agree. The Mac Mini's internals are essentially laptop parts vs desktop components.
Bring the Mac Pro prices down to iMac prices and watch how quickly the iMac numbers drop. Other vendors sell all in ones, if they were so great they would out sell their towers, but they don't. Its the pricing not that customers actually prefer an all in one with limited expandability. Tower form factor with multiple external displays and desktop parts (CPU, GPU etc...) wins hands down.
Making Sushi is an art where you need to pay attention to the details, meanwhile pizza is hand tossed with sauce splattered all over the place and full of grease That or Sushi is an acquired taste and Pizza is for everyone and their mother.
"Though Apple's recently launched iTunes Match service isn't expected to be hugely profitable for the company, it is viewed as an important service that will further tie customers into the iTunes ecosystem and Apple's hardware." And yet the Xserve is no more along with Final Cut Server.
Looks like the precursor to the Xserve.
Seems like this could make it easy to steal. I wonder how they track who paid and who didn't :/ Even with RFID those are disabled when you scan and pay at the counter. Does the iPhone disable the RFID?
Siri can start & stop a car FastCoDesign: Kaleidoscopic Pop-Up S.../t.co/OrnRziUz Siri can control your temperature http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN6wy0keQqo Lets see Microsoft do that with TellMe
I completely agree. Apple missed a chance by not buying Sun when the could have, but perhaps they can make up for it by going out and purchasing Joyent.Joyent is essentially Sun with out the baggage. They are full of top talent from Sun and are razor sharp focused on the cloud. Look here under Joyent to see a few: http://pelegri.wordpress.com/2011/01...er-the-people/ Apple could also pick up key tech like SmartOS (aka illumos OS aka OpenSolaris) and build off of key...
I'd actually be happier with a bigger Mac Pro. Some high end video cards take up two slots. Throw in a capture card that takes up two more slots and a RAID card and there isn't room for another high end video card. I'd like to have 2 high end video cards (thats 4 slots), a RAID card ( 1 slot), a capture card (2 slots) and a Fiber card (1 slot). Thats 8 PCI-X slots. Dual optical drives are a must a long with at least 4 internal hard drives. Obviously a larger Mac Pro would...
Wait plastic and glue? Can't wait till these puppies literally melt in your hands!
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