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Not a fan of integrated monitors. I could never own an iMac. Mac Pro is the way to go for multiple displays, added storage, ram, expansion cards, multiple optical drives and horsepower! iMac's and Mini's basically use laptop components. I need workstation power and size! Pro Video, 3D, Audio and Graphics demand it!
Scary... Michael Cera Totally Looks Like Young Bill Gates http://cheezburger.com/View/2673762816 Young Steve Jobs Totally Looks Like Ashton Kutcher http://cheezburger.com/View/1345309440
Young Steve resembles Ashton Kutcher: http://cheezburger.com/View/1345309440 70's show hippie influence doesn't hurt either!
PS I understand. DW I'm not a fan off (slow , clunky UI etc...) I stick to a combination of Coda, TextMate or Komodo IDE for code. Only thing DW has is that handy is that while in split design/code mode you can click on a page element, image, block, text etc... and it jumps to the code. Other then that its bloated and inserts funky code.
Try macscan or Sophos Anti-Virus (Free) if not a clean install will do the trick.I regularly maintain my Mac with MainMenu Pro as well. It makes running maintenance scripts a breeze along with cleaning system/user cache and rebuilding spotlight when necessary.
Yes, Premiere is awful because it has a pro user interface that is very familiar and easy to learn. It's also awful because it has had background rendering and all the features that Apple promised to add to FCP years before
Sometimes I wonder if Apple secretly wanted FCP X to fail so that they would loose significant share in the pro video market. That way they could buyout adobe without a problem/probe from DOJ. Well that's my hopeful conspiracy theory!
If anything Apple would partner with Joyent (Sun reborn), VMware (cloudfront) or Akami. Azure and Amazon EC2 have had reliability issues.
Now lets hope he releases phenomenon (stalled due to internal fighting) but it exists! Its Shake + Motion with glorious nodes!Resurrecting Final Cut Server would be a great move.Then after that fix FCPX and create Final Cut Server X (with a node based GUI for creating workflows).It might also be too much to ask for bringing back the Xserve but that would be great!
Now can they please bring back Final Cut Server?
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