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Bingo. Motorola makes cable boxes, dvr/pvr's, modems etc...Google wants to be in your living room selling content. Thats the next battle ground. The problem is that the cable companies who control the pipe also require their hardware and that hardware is generally manufactured by Moto.By buying Moto, Google can provide the box and sneak software in there.Wish Apple would have bought Moto. I don't want GoogleTV.
Let the guessing games begin! Another CPU architecture switch? Apple TV (TV not box)? No more Mac's just Mobile devices (the horror!)? Safest bet is iCloud TV possibly iCloud gaming.
Cue the MASS executive exodus from Apple articles in 3... 2... 1...
Nintendo has some options, they could partner with Apple to add exclusive interactivity between iOS devices and their hardware (ie iPhone/iTouch controller, viewer, interconnectivity for messaging, camera, accelerometer, etc...), make an agreement to provide iTunes content on their console (again exclusive), piggy back off of Apple's new data center for online gaming and work with Apple to improve it, perhaps add Ping/Game Center social networking, add/license...
Perhaps ARM will be used as co-processor of sorts. For example in an iOS mode where you don't want to completely boot to OS X. That could be interesting. If Apple were to go all ARM I don't think it would be an island. They could use Intel for the Mac Pro, and MacBook Pro. While the Air, Mini and iMac get the ARM treatment. There's also rumors of a Windows ARM version so that could help with users that still "need" Windows.
Thanks for the heads up. I thought CMD + left click triggered a menu that displayed previous versions of the document vs the path. I'll have double check on that, maybe its a preference somewhere. At least that was the case when I briefly tried Lion.
WiTricity http://www.youtube.com/user/WiTricityCorp Apple should buy these guys out!
Yes Apple borrowed from iOS but example they could have added versioning and resume features without removing the Save As... item from the file menu. Why they decided to do so? Just because of the way iOS apps work. Instant On. Whatever you were working on reappears after closing. Thats fine and dandy but I want to be able to save a file manually for sharing or anything else. I want control. Also, hate the command left click in a windows title bar no longer shows that...
Don't like this iOS merging business!
Speaking of textbooks... Borders could refocus and sell them, even rent them. It would be a buffer to the eventual ebookpocalypse but hey who knows they might recover and sell some property versus a total lose.
New Posts  All Forums: