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WiTricity http://www.youtube.com/user/WiTricityCorp Apple should buy these guys out!
Yes Apple borrowed from iOS but example they could have added versioning and resume features without removing the Save As... item from the file menu. Why they decided to do so? Just because of the way iOS apps work. Instant On. Whatever you were working on reappears after closing. Thats fine and dandy but I want to be able to save a file manually for sharing or anything else. I want control. Also, hate the command left click in a windows title bar no longer shows that...
Don't like this iOS merging business!
Speaking of textbooks... Borders could refocus and sell them, even rent them. It would be a buffer to the eventual ebookpocalypse but hey who knows they might recover and sell some property versus a total lose.
400 stores? Thats a lot of locations for new Apple Stores
If Android goes its highly likely that WebOS will take its place if not M$. RIM will be bought out.
This pretty much says it all: http://digitalcomposting.wordpress.c...6/28/x-vs-pro/ Apple needs to get it @ss in gear and fix things. I hope the release a new version of Final Cut Server or a replacement that out does the original. If not they should open source Final Cut Server along with Shake and Color.
A good analogy here would be that FCP 7 is like driving a stick shift and FCP X is an automatic (minus features). Pro's don't want to be babied, or want any hand holding. If software had a bunch of buttons that did everything for you it wouldn't be considered pro. Becoming a pro takes time and dedication to learn complex software and the craft. Adding cheap buttons and tricks that offer limited control takes away from that and devalues the craft. There is no make an...
I just hope Apple has a new replacement for Final Cut Server up it's sleeve if not they should open source the code just like they did with QuickTime/Darwin Streaming Server. Shake and Color would be great contributions to the community as well. Hate to see great software locked up when it still has it's uses and unexplored potential. Plus it would be a great PR move on Apple's part!
Buy Microsoft and fire the other Steve!
New Posts  All Forums: