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I just hope Apple has a new replacement for Final Cut Server up it's sleeve if not they should open source the code just like they did with QuickTime/Darwin Streaming Server. Shake and Color would be great contributions to the community as well. Hate to see great software locked up when it still has it's uses and unexplored potential. Plus it would be a great PR move on Apple's part!
Buy Microsoft and fire the other Steve!
If Apple didn't buy Sun when they had the change, I don't see them trying to buy anyone else out unless its on the cheap. Freescale and Nvidia might be good targets. Though Apple already bought a IP from Freescale, so that might rule them out. Nvidia would give them first dibs at the latest GPU's. I'd like to see Apple acquire ARM Holdings.
QNX is a nice clean and proven microkernel minus the baggage found in darwin. QNX also has some nice distributed OS features and security to boot (EAL4 vs Mac OS X EAL3). Aqua is pretty abstracted so it wouldn't be that bad to layer on to QNX.
Well I would necessarily want Apple to buy, BUT if Apple had the chance to buy some of RIM's assets I'd say got for it. QNX is a REALLY nicely design OS, all its lacking is a pretty GUI on top. Mac OS X could learn a lot from QNX! z3r0
Ironic, especially since its coming from big brother. Privacy does NOT exist.
I can use photoshop just fine, but when it comes to compositing and 3D (houdini) nodes are very efficient and use up less screen real estate. Especially for complex scenes. Nodes also make it easier to move back and forth through previous changes. Think non-destructive history.
Who said anything about buying? Assumptions are fun
I was hoping the new version of Motion would incorporate Nodes like Shake. Layers are cumbersome. Nuke it is then!
iCloud looks like it trumps ChromeOS.
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