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I can use photoshop just fine, but when it comes to compositing and 3D (houdini) nodes are very efficient and use up less screen real estate. Especially for complex scenes. Nodes also make it easier to move back and forth through previous changes. Think non-destructive history.
Who said anything about buying? Assumptions are fun
I was hoping the new version of Motion would incorporate Nodes like Shake. Layers are cumbersome. Nuke it is then!
iCloud looks like it trumps ChromeOS.
Apple has plenty of third party cloud platforms it could choose to build on either commercial or opensource.Joyent http://www.joyent.com/VMWare CloudFoundry http://cloudfoundry.org/Stackato http://www.activestate.com/cloudCitrix http://deliver.citrix.com/projectolympusOpenStack http://www.openstack.org/Oracle http://www.oracle.com/us/technologies/cloud/index.htmlAs for a MobileMe replacement, Atmail looks interesting: http://www.atmail.com/cloud/OEM options are available:...
Perl 6! Whenever it gets here!
Apple definitely needs matte displays I hate the glare! The new Apple keyboard and mouse also need work. The aluminum keyboard is horrible for heavy typing, and well Apple mice have always been a joke. They need work on the ergonomics, real buttons (sensors suck) and a thicker wire (super flimsy now).
It's only a matter of time before Microsoft drops enough for Apple to buy them out!
Its would be extremely tough with out a 1U form factor like the recently killed Xserve. Hopefully Apple will bring back a true server system and surprise everyone.
Hopefully they are working on new pro products. QuickTime Streaming Server X (could be renamed AirPlay Streaming Server) with H264/AAC streaming and a new version of Compressor. I would love to able to have these workflows: 1) Final Cut Server -> Compressor -> QuickTime/AirPlay Streaming Server -> Media Core CMS 2) Final Cut Server -> Compressor/Podcast Producer -> iTunes U 3) Final Cut Server -> Compressor -> iCloud 4) Final Cut Server -> Compressor -> 3rd Party CDN
New Posts  All Forums: