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Apple definitely needs matte displays I hate the glare! The new Apple keyboard and mouse also need work. The aluminum keyboard is horrible for heavy typing, and well Apple mice have always been a joke. They need work on the ergonomics, real buttons (sensors suck) and a thicker wire (super flimsy now).
It's only a matter of time before Microsoft drops enough for Apple to buy them out!
Its would be extremely tough with out a 1U form factor like the recently killed Xserve. Hopefully Apple will bring back a true server system and surprise everyone.
Hopefully they are working on new pro products. QuickTime Streaming Server X (could be renamed AirPlay Streaming Server) with H264/AAC streaming and a new version of Compressor. I would love to able to have these workflows: 1) Final Cut Server -> Compressor -> QuickTime/AirPlay Streaming Server -> Media Core CMS 2) Final Cut Server -> Compressor/Podcast Producer -> iTunes U 3) Final Cut Server -> Compressor -> iCloud 4) Final Cut Server -> Compressor -> 3rd Party CDN
Well if it helps M$ sink faster so Apple can come in and buy them out and have the pleasure of firing everyone but the MacBU then I'll all for it!
I wonder how many of the 8.8 million paying skype users will cancel their subscriptions with this news lol
GAudi was the name of Google's audio indexing project. More info here: http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/200...-indexing.html It eventually became what is now their voice/speech recognition technology. They idea was to index audio within videos.
Mac OS X specific apps: Final Cut Server, Open Directory, Podcast Producer, iCal server, etc... FreeBSD is a better choice then Linux on the server end. Too bad Apple hasn't ported apps over.
I'd be more interested if they went with a FreeBSD based system. Linux is boring. China seems to like FreeBSD http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/sec...secure-os/1682
Your data can easily be extracted thanks to Cellbrite. Pretty much 95% of all cellphones are covered (see here). Even the hello kitty iPhone lol
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