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Yeah I don't like the GUI. I'd prefer something more inline with with Nuke or Houdini. That gray bar in the middle is an eye sore! I hope that you can float the viewers, I'd hate a single window view where they are stuck.Premiere is looking mighty tempting right about now. I'll have to play with FCP X first though before I make a final decision.What happened to Color, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, and Soundtrack?
It make sense if ARM decides to take on Intel on the desktop. ARM based servers have been cropping up. Wish IBM would get back in the ring with PowerPC chips, I'm pretty sure they can shrink their die process under 32nm by now.
It wouldn't be a bad idea if Apple took a look at Panda3D and gave Unity3D a run for it's money!It was developed at Disney!
Not without proper server hardware to run it on! http://www.savethexserve.com/
Wish Apple would replace it's FTP client/server with SFTP using vsftpd http://vsftpd.beasts.org/ and update NFS to version 4. What project is Mac OS X's FTP client based on?
The big question is will Final Cut Server be updated as well? A big improvement would be if Apple added a node based interface like Telestream Vantage for creating workflows visually. Well that and realeasing proper hardware to run it on like an Xserve 2!
Mission critical? Not without the XServe! http://www.savethexserve.com/
I wish Apple would conduct a survey for Mac Mini "Server" and Mac Pro "Server" users. They would quickly find out that in order to improve each, they would end up with the Xserve form factor and feature set.
I hope Apple really improves MobileMe. It needs better performance, Dropbox still trumps iDisk. Even with broadband iDisk is dog sloooooowww. Gmail email feels faster then MobileMe mail as well. A big issue is when composing an email and then you hit send, later to realize that some how you took too long writing it and either MobileMe Mail decided you were inactive so you must login again but your email is now gone since you hit send. That's realllly annoying. Addressbook...
All this talk about the enterprise considering that Apple pretty much killed their only true enterprise grade product. Xserve. Instead of Apple building an ecosystem around the Xserve to manage mobile devices thus promoting greater adoption of said devices and the Xserve for management, they run away. Apple needs to wake up and create, deliver, and promote enterprise solutions. Fo real this time. The oh its not selling excuse is called lack of real effort....
New Posts  All Forums: