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Unfortunately its not, but it does run OS X server. A proper server would be the Xserve (hence the old signature with the petition). Apple could have made the Mac Pro a server and workstation to target both markets, but the cylindrical design would need to be thrown out first. On the other hand they decided to target the prosumer with the new Mac Pro and not real Pro's.
 Thats because you sell fondue pots for a living and wouldn't know a thing about enterprise grade rack mount servers. 
 Just because its contains "Pro" in the product name, does not mean its a pro grade product.
Apple's new cylindrical Mac Pro desktop arrives Thursday   YAWN 
What would be interesting is if Apple would purchase QNX RTOS or if Blackberry would open source QNX RTOS before it went down.
That's all relative.Bad products that sell: Windows, Samsung, VHS (Betamax was better!), Ford, Spam (you don't want to know what meat is in there *shivers*) etc...
Wrong can have a lot of different meanings. Not meeting/delivering customer expectations, buggy releases, lacking certain features, taking the wrong direction, heading in a certain direction at the wrong time etc...
I love Apple and their products, but they aren't infallible. They've had failures and success, but I'm not blind when they don't deliver.
 Rhetorical questions are fun to answer especially when they rile you up. The Rokr was made in cooperation with Apple.
 No, I don't find it appropriate to use Ford's quotes as a justification for the glaring shortcomings found in the new Mac Pro. This doesn't explicitly prove anything other then that there is a disconnect between Apple and Pro users needs and wants. Apple should actively consult with Pro users to make sure their needs are met. Pro users are the most vocal and have a strong say in regards to what equipment at large companies. Look how easily they jumped ship when FCPX was...
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