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 The problem with going with HP or Dell is not being able to run Mac OS X legally. The h4ckintosh route is possible but you wont get much support.
 It could have been much faster had Apple gone with the previous form factor. The new Mac Pro only has 1 CPU with 12 cores vs 2 CPUs with the possibility of up to 24 cores. Quad Video cards could have been feasible with the extra space gained from removing the optical drives and the addition of dual redundant power supplies and lights out management.
 Wow talk about blind. Everything Apple does is golden. What a joke...  Apple products are great but that doesn't mean they don't make mistakes. The new version of the Mac Pro is a mistake plain and simple. Yes its a cylinder, but its basically a design iteration of the G4 cube if you can't see that then you really aren't as bright as you think you are. The new Mac Pro doesn't fit the mold of a workstation its too small. If it were the size of a workstation it wouldn't...
I know that's not base, but the fact that you can configure it to those specs is great! OS X is better then Windows that's a given. I'm talking about hardware performance and expandability. For example with the new Mac Pro it looks like you are stuck with AMD/ATI Firepros meaning if you are using any software that requires NVIDIA CUDA (like the majority of pro 3D, video, and compositing software) you are screwed. At least with the current Mac Pro you can add an NVIDIA...
Look at the Mac Pro's competition:   HP z820 http://www8.hp.com/us/en/campaigns/workstations/z820.html   24 cores 512 GB RAM 15 TB internal HDD Thunderbolt Dual NVIDIA Quadro K6000 or Dual FirePro cards.   Not even a contest hardware wise and its not a spaghetti monster on your desk!   Love to get an old Mac Pro case and build one with these specs.
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