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 To start in no particular order...  New Mac Pro (DOA) - Jony G4 Cube - Jony Twentieth Anniversary Mac - Jony Hockey Puck Mouse Pippin iPod Hi-Fi Bluetooth Headset Rokr Newton Lisa Macintosh Portable iPod Socks Ping MobileMe FCPX
 One or two of these would fit in the space vacated by removing the optical drive bays and current PSU up top in the current Mac Pro: http://www.cdw.com/shop/products/Cisco-power-supply-hot-plug-redundant-3000-Watt/2868885.aspx I do wish Apple would go after enterprise markets.
 Yes, I'm familiar with the quotes. They are applicable to John Doe consumers who really don't know what they want. Pro users are a completely different breed. They have specific needs and know what they want/need (often to the minute detail) in order to accomplish what ever they set out to do. In the end they will use whatever tool is best for the job and that is least cumbersome to use. Excessive wires cause clutter, are more prone to failure (yes thunderbolt cables fail...
Ok,Old like connecting remotely via dumb terminals to huge powerful servers that do all the processing and rendering? Oh wait, I just described cloud computing but wait isn't that the future?Why wait? The future is now. Apple isn't releasing any new hardware that others don't already have. If anything they are giving you less and claiming it to be innovative because you expand with wires externally versus internally.Thats not innovative. Thats called unnecessary clutter. 
 Old really? How so? The HP Z820 runs newer faster processors, can use all the latest NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, SSD, Thunderbolt 2 etc... and hold more of them! The only problem is that the OS is not Mac OS X. Hell even Woz loves them: http://www.macworld.co.uk/mac-creative/news/?newsid=3468413
 The problem with going with HP or Dell is not being able to run Mac OS X legally. The h4ckintosh route is possible but you wont get much support.
 It could have been much faster had Apple gone with the previous form factor. The new Mac Pro only has 1 CPU with 12 cores vs 2 CPUs with the possibility of up to 24 cores. Quad Video cards could have been feasible with the extra space gained from removing the optical drives and the addition of dual redundant power supplies and lights out management.
New Posts  All Forums: