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I'm sure they'll buy the current model, but down the road as the new xeon chips and gnu become available it'll make sense to build hackintoshes with bigger more expandable cases. Heck pick up an empty Mac pro case and modify it to build a hackintosh pro tower. It will cost less and offer more.Along with a Mac Pro hackintosh with the latest parts its would also be possible to build 1U rack mount servers using the latest xeons. Definitely easier then mounting a can
The rise of the h4ckintosh Pro is inevitable. Pros don't want a can on their desk.
  Well to start a cylinder isn't the most practical shape for a workstation (or rack mounting in the server room). So I'd ditch the cylinder and stick with the current mac pro case. As for the "thermal core" its no different then other heat sinks except that its shared by the CPU and 2 GPU's. I would have gone with the Sandia Cooler which is 30 times more efficient. The Sandia cooler merges the heat sink and fan into one...
Not a fan of the design. It will lead to mess of wires on the desk (think octopus). http://www.deltaflow.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/imac_vs_dell-1.jpg I would have preferred the current Mac Pro design with new parts. At least it would have been replaceable parts (GPU etc...). There would have been more room for RAM and storage with the all new Flash parts, PCI slots etc... That would have been a beast of a machine. But instead Apple released the all new Mac...
I'm hoping this is the next gen Quicktime Streaming Server. I would brand it as AirServer.   Then again thats already taken! http://www.airserver.com
    You are making the assumption that Apple is resting on its laurels. I think Apple has learned from the whole Maps launch. In other words, why release something when its not ready?   I'd rather be a bit more patient and wait then be blown away. Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone UI aren't blowing the iOS UI away in any case.   The closest comparison to iOS quality wise was/is WebOS.
I wonder if the Sandia CPU cooler took design cues from Apple's fan: http://www.geek.com/articles/chips/sandias-floating-spinning-heatsink-promises-30x-better-cpu-cooling-20120625/
Base price for the Octane 3 was $8,000:http://www.maximumpc.com/article/news/sgi_unveils_personal_supercomputer_octane_iiiand it fits under your desk.SGI bankruptcies were due to poor management and marketing.
Obviously Apple would need to upgrade the RAM limit in OS X. As for #2, you can have both with the right design
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