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    You are making the assumption that Apple is resting on its laurels. I think Apple has learned from the whole Maps launch. In other words, why release something when its not ready?   I'd rather be a bit more patient and wait then be blown away. Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone UI aren't blowing the iOS UI away in any case.   The closest comparison to iOS quality wise was/is WebOS.
I wonder if the Sandia CPU cooler took design cues from Apple's fan: http://www.geek.com/articles/chips/sandias-floating-spinning-heatsink-promises-30x-better-cpu-cooling-20120625/
Base price for the Octane 3 was $8,000:http://www.maximumpc.com/article/news/sgi_unveils_personal_supercomputer_octane_iiiand it fits under your desk.SGI bankruptcies were due to poor management and marketing.
Obviously Apple would need to upgrade the RAM limit in OS X. As for #2, you can have both with the right design
The new cube is the Mac Mini.  
'realistic' wireless charging technology   So the trick is to avoid wireless electrocution 
Oh hellzzzz nooo!  I don't want my Mac Pro to look like an Octopus full of cables. Going that route means one cable to the PCI-X/GPU box, another for the optical drive, another for external storage plus all the other wires for the displays and peripherals. I prefer to have everything internal if possible.   I wouldn't mind one optical drive on top and the second slot for a card reader like this: http://www.sonnettech.com/product/qio.html as an additional option, but...
    Well lets see. If I add two AMD Radeon 7000 GPUs they'll take up 4 slots, throw in a RAID card thats 1 more slot, add a capture card AJA or Black Magic thats 2 more slots. If I need esata, Fibre, or Thunderbolt just do the math. Anywhere from 8-10 PCI-X slots. Four internal hard drives, 192GB+ RAM, plus 2 CPU Heat sinks, dual redundant power supplies (these are a must for Xserve replacement scenario) and yes lets not forget optical drives those are still important -...
  Only thing that could be considered a moving part after that are the speakers. Though I haven't seen anything that can produce sound without vibrations.   Maybe electrical impulses to the brain is the solution    Edit: Hmm... Google pulls up a thermophone might be something to look into http://qedradiation.scienceblog.com/33137/thermophones-produce-sound-without-vibration/   To be more precise...
So in other words... Current fans are too thick, noisy and consume too much power and Apple is trying to fix that.
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