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  Only thing that could be considered a moving part after that are the speakers. Though I haven't seen anything that can produce sound without vibrations.   Maybe electrical impulses to the brain is the solution    Edit: Hmm... Google pulls up a thermophone might be something to look into http://qedradiation.scienceblog.com/33137/thermophones-produce-sound-without-vibration/   To be more precise...
So in other words... Current fans are too thick, noisy and consume too much power and Apple is trying to fix that.
Thank god Forstall is out and Ive is in charge of Human Interfaces! Hopefully this means less iOS crap in Mac OS X and the death of Skeuomorphism. http://www.macrumors.com/2012/09/11/apples-designers-clashing-over-tacky-software-skeuomorphisms/   "According to the report, Apple's iOS chief Scott Forstall has long been a proponent of incorporating skeuomorphic features in the company's software, with Steve Jobs having supported and even originated that design...
    Why not? Apple isn't Microsoft. Apple can focus on catering to the creative pro market and build solutions for the backend. Not to mention if they have an enterprise offering its easier to get Mac desktops into the enterprise.  Apple could build enterprise tools that are easy to use for managing Mac's and iOS devices. Not to mention develop solutions for the education market where innovation is sorely needed (lecture capture, learning management systems, etc...)  Room...
  VMware is made up of a lot of ex-Apple talent (118)   http://www.businessinsider.com/heres-where-all-that-talent-leaving-apple-ends-up-2012-4?op=1   Perhaps something is afoot? Though, I'd like to see Apple gobble up the new Sun http://joyent.com   Maybe all this is a precursor to Apple's big entrance into enterprise.
"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"
No not at all. Apple hasn't been working on wearable computing.   Richard Devaul Joins Apple http://blogs.computerworld.com/15750/apple_hires_senior_prototype_engineer_for_work_on_wearable_computers   Richard Devaul leaves Apple, Joins Google http://9to5google.com/2011/06/24/wearables-expert-ridard-devaul-jumps-ship-from-apple-to-google/   Google Poaches Simon Prakash From Apple to Work with Sergey...
Well I'm still running Snow Leopard on 4 monitors and it works pretty well. No intention of going to Lion or Mountain Lion any time soon. Not a fan of all the iOS features that Apple is bringing over. iOS GUI and Mac OS X GUI should be separate. In any case what issues did you experience?  
I prefer using a combination of MegaZoomer and Cinch versus Apple's implementation of full screen mode. Both are a lot more flexible and work on multiple displays.    Not sure why Apple didn't just go this route.
Hopefully Tony Fadell would return if Apple were to acquire Nest as well.
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