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No not at all. Apple hasn't been working on wearable computing.   Richard Devaul Joins Apple http://blogs.computerworld.com/15750/apple_hires_senior_prototype_engineer_for_work_on_wearable_computers   Richard Devaul leaves Apple, Joins Google http://9to5google.com/2011/06/24/wearables-expert-ridard-devaul-jumps-ship-from-apple-to-google/   Google Poaches Simon Prakash From Apple to Work with Sergey...
Well I'm still running Snow Leopard on 4 monitors and it works pretty well. No intention of going to Lion or Mountain Lion any time soon. Not a fan of all the iOS features that Apple is bringing over. iOS GUI and Mac OS X GUI should be separate. In any case what issues did you experience?  
I prefer using a combination of MegaZoomer and Cinch versus Apple's implementation of full screen mode. Both are a lot more flexible and work on multiple displays.    Not sure why Apple didn't just go this route.
Hopefully Tony Fadell would return if Apple were to acquire Nest as well.
Microsoft Surface. WHO CARES!!! Nothing new. Moving along. Its an iPad + Bluetooth keyboard but with a crappy UI.   The only true competitor was WebOS till HP backed out.
I'm pretty sure Aliph (Jawbone) or Plantronics have patents related to noise cancellation. Apple could easily snatch one up. While they're at it, Apple could purchase Wacom  to combat Microsofts purchase of Perceptive Pixel.
Too bad Apple didn't buy Sun when they had the chance. They could always snatch up Joyent (its made up largely of ex-Sun engineers) as its pretty much in the same area Up There is targeting.
When did 'hope' become a business strategy? ;)  
I wouldn't mind a 19 or 21 inch Macbook Pro.   13 inch sells more not because a smaller screen is preferred, but because its the lowest price point. If Apple would lower prices bigger sizes would sell more.
  Read between the lines. He said a lot by what he didn't say.   Some interesting snippets:   Walt: Is it possible to build a box and ignore the rest? Not build a TV but just build the box?  Cook: We would look at this and say can we control the key technology? Can we make a significant contribution beyond what others have made in this area? Can we make a product that we would all want? That's all thing we would ask about any new product category. It's the ones we ask...
New Posts  All Forums: