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I have a suspect that Apple is testing the interface with Apple TV users and collecting data in order to refine the "iTV" experience. So if the new Apple TV interface has bad reviews, hey no big deal it's just a hobby vs rereleasing the iTV with no testing. Smart if you ask me.
Rick Perry LOVES AMERICA! cracks me up every time I see it! lol
Here's an idea: Don't eat on your desk or over your keyboard....
They make horrible keyboards and mice. I can live with this though: http://netdna.webdesignerdepot.com/u...rokeyboard.jpg I hate the new thin aluminum ones. These feel right:http://gbennett.whsites.net/zencart/...cts/M2452b.jpg I hear this one is amazing (yet to try it):http://matias.ca/tactilepro/ As for mice Microsoft makes great mice, followed by logitech. HATE all apple mice, this one was ok minus the mouse ball: http://7.mshcdn.com/wp-content/galle...575bddff_z.jpg
This might do the trick: ThunderBolt + OpecCL http://www.magma.com/thunderbolt.asp Though I hope the Mac Pro line continues. No other Mac can beat the expansion and performance.
Well they do sell the Mighty Mouse and the latest Aluminum Apple Pro Keyboard. I would call those ABSOLUTE CRAP Honestly Adobe has great apps, sure some need fat trimming (Dreamweaver, Photoshop with 3D Really?)Mostly for other PC vendors, then again if they are under contract Apple will have to fulfill their orders (same thing happened with the PA Semi acquisition) which will give them time to shift to another supplier.
I don't see Apple killing a lot of Adobe's pro apps off, too much demand. They would lower prices though. Apple does not manufacture GPU's it would be a tough case for DOJ not to allow a merger. Its a new market for them. There are other GPU manufactures aside from NVIDIA(2nd largest). AMD/ATI(3rd largest), Intel (largest), Via Technologies, S3 Graphics, Matrox etc... There's also no stopping others from jumping in like Texas Instruments, PNY etc...
Shutdown adobe? Thats crazy talk. They have a lot of great products and essentially own the creative market. They just need the right leadership. Apple can provide that. Apple owning NVIDIA means they get the latest graphics cards, CUDA along with talent. Not to mention they can make sure they don't get stuck with integrated GPU's from Intel by fixing licensing deals. As for Final Cut Pro. Don't be blind, pro's aren't happy with it. Many are switching to Premiere or AVID...
Buy Adobe, Buy NVIDIA. Fix Final Cut Pro, release a new Xserve, Xraid and Final Cut Server and attack the enterprise.
Wait! Wait! Lets not leave out the CEO/Chairman of Asus! I can't wait to hear his latest predictions on the computing market! Plus his keynote performances are quite impressive! Introducing the PadPhone!
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