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It's called the Concept Electronics Show isn't it?!?Well of course the 'boxes' vary too much around the world for Apple to easily address this area. The SmartTV is the area Apple can go... I don't know what brand of tv (display) you have but everyone I've ever seen/used lags horribly when using the UI. Apple has clear strengths in UI and that alone on just the display part is massively appealing to me. No way will it be 4k for many many years, there's precious few 1080p...
There won't be two new models. Apple is a 'small' company so developing two models when the latter simply takes over from the same profits made on the first makes no sense. However I do think that the iPad 2 will be the model that will become the entry level, with a 16GB version discounted and sold alongside the iPad "3". Actually considering iPad 2 is XGA at 9.7", I nearly notice the difference to my 4S. (I'm early 30s with no diagnosed sight defects). Whilst the...
Or perhaps just a reader app for OS X/Win...
I've not got a pair, but these look very Apple-like (although probably better with the original Mac Minis). There are Firewire versions out there too: http://www.box.co.uk/LaCie_Bobourg_U...r_1042068.html
Does TB make sense yet? How many TB computers are there versus iOS devices? Apple dropped the much faster FireWire when nearly all Macs and a vast number of PCs shipped with it. Personally I'm less bothered about data rates, the WiFi sync whilst the phone charges overnight is fine for most syncs. I would love to see a more robust and MagSafe connector though.
It's not that Apple couldn't do 7" nor that 7" can't work for other products, but iOS doesn't work at 7". Does Apple really want to fragment iOS even further when they have three versions to manage? Anyhow my recollection is that SJ said things like "Apple isn't interested in video iPods right now" (meaning they couldn't make a reasonable one) rather than "Apple will never make a video iPod". Well they educate the workers for about the first 14 years of their lives,...
^ things that bother people on AppleInsider^ things that don't bother 95% of people who buy iPod touch.Thickness of great camera > thickness of iPod touchThickness of great camera >= thickness of iPhoneThickness of really basic camera = thickness of iPod touch
- The networks couldn't cope with Macs having 4G. (my data usage on iPad is 5x that on iPhone and on a Mac would be more still)- 4G networks are barely deployed globally (so limited market for Apple to sell to)- 3G networks don't seem (to me) to bottleneck in the technology but rather the network capacity and coverage. - Battery life probably isn't acceptable on 4G yet. Also iPhones and iPads aren't Mac products!
Most of the worth comes in iOS 5 anyhow. Most iPhone customers probably couldn't give a hoot about the features - Apple know this - price is probably more of an issue. An improved camera and faster processor along with iOS 5 will be more than enough for 9/10 buyers. 3GS are still on sale today and being sold to consumers who will still have a great phone and great OS. It would bother those of us who frequent AI but not most consumers.
I'd guess 11 Oct so it's deployed to most of the early adopters before the next iPhone arrives. Hmm we don't really do grape as a flavour in the UK, perhaps some more international options?! :-)
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