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I'd guess 11 Oct so it's deployed to most of the early adopters before the next iPhone arrives. Hmm we don't really do grape as a flavour in the UK, perhaps some more international options?! :-)
Sorry, I don't know the answer but would be interested to find out. In OS 9, System Profiler would show the current clock speed of the processor (my iBook was set by default to run at 366MHz when on battery rather than 466MHz when on power supply) unfortunately OS X removed this information :-(
Popular because of low price... but suspect the average user can't make them work in that kind of environment so they don't get recorded. On the other hand perhaps they all have 4G and don't need to connect to WiFi...
How did you migrate iTunes from the Mini to the MBA? (also try Ecamm's PhoneView)
End solution, after dabbling with now dead iDisk, is Dropbox. Documents are saved in Dropbox which syncs between all four Macs and the iOS device. TimeMachine backs up the Dropbox from both the Alu iMac and MBP to the garage giving me improved fire and theft protection too. iTunes Home Sharing syncs all movies and music. The weak part is photos - only get backed up once to the Time Capsule but iCloud should help on that.
Hi, couple of extras... Your current drives are probably in NTFS format. Macs can read NTFS but not write to them. FAT32 can be read and written to. Obviously for best results reformat to HFS+. I've had snags with Kingston Value RAM in the past (dreaded Kernel Panics). Kingston later told me KVR isn't Mac compatible.
And most importantly TimeMachine will backup Dropbox: iDisk wouldn't. "Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free!"Personal gain warning: Both you and I get bonus space (250MB) if you sign up with this link
- Takes up less screen space. Important back in the day and important for mobile users now. - Always in the same place - Shows you clearly which application you are working in. - Easier to move the mouse to (it's always right at the top so a thrust of the mouse gets you there) I don't find any advantages to the Windows preference (I'm a reluctant PC user 40 hrs a week, every week).
I'm not in the market for one at the moment but hope they step back one iteration (like they did with the shuffle). The next step is to add bluetooth audio as the earphone and socket have got to be some of the size limiters.
I don't have a 1.1.2 device to check but I'd guess that was a legit feature for those who saved a load of bookmarks to the home screen. ---- This info from Vodafone adds no value at all to the discussion... ...but that said I do think we should should be ready for 16/32GB iPhones again for several reasons: - WiFi syncing makes it easier to update and replace your content rather than carrying it all. - Need to be aggressive with the pricing on the handsets - Reduction...
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