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Sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. My day one bought 3GS sells on eBay this evening. I was banking on the resale prices of 3GS crashing when Apple holds it's early September iOS event: which is missing in action. My iPad 2 and an old Samsung feature phone are poised to provide cover duty though.
If there's any truth in this it would be in add an A5 to the Intel processor in the Mac Books rather than replace. When you only need low-power mobile apps you can run iOS and when you need the power the i5 or whatever is ready to run full OS X. MBPs do this today with graphics cards so it's a logical step. Sure it's costly but it's a way of having the cake and eating it.
It, or something better, may be coming in iOS5. We'll find out at WWDC I guess. I wonder how/where you control the volume and portrait lock, not to mention the iPod controls. -Only last night I saw an Apple ad in the UK reminding us how iPhone was the only smartphone with iPod built in so I can't believe we'll have to switch into the app to use the audio controls.
Yeah, this is all I do too. Open the Airport Utility, select the Time Capsule on the left hand side. Click Manual Setup. On the "Wireless" tab, choose "Wireless Mode: Join a Wireless Network" and enter the details of your Cradlepoint router. (Mine's called Empire in this screen shot below.)
I'm a sucker for the iMac G4 so really like this design. I've thought for a long time this could be done: http://forums.appleinsider.com/showpost.php?p=1343807 What baffled me back in 2002/2003 was that my TiPb screen was so slender and the iMac G4 20" floating screen was nearer the volume of two whole Powerbooks. I know there were a couple of aerials in the display and an LED but still it was relatively chunky. But I don't see Apple going back now. I think we can...
My wife rather likes her Agent 18 silicon case. All ports are accessible and it doesn;t add a lot of bulk but it does feel as though it would cushion a drop or shock reasonably. http://www.agent18.com/productdetail...-only/193.aspx Griffin have also recently released a robust case to meet US Mil STD and UK Defstans for water, dust and shock proofing... a little on the large size but an option nethertheless.: http://www.griffintechnology.com/armored
As people have already said... In other (non-US) markets Apple sells unlocked iPhone 3GS and iPhone models on their web site. The prices are approximately equal to the pre-paid (PAYG) cost of the same iPhones the networks offer. Hardly cheap, but compared to the cost of a 24month contract not bad either:Apple UK:http://store.apple.com/uk/browse/hom...co=MTAyNTQzMjIEven supermarkets sell iPhones prepaid:http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.901-8402.aspx
Now we've reached "retina" display there won't* be a better display in future iPhones. Therefore display panel manufactures are the least reliable source of data regarding new iPhone models right now. This year I feel we'll see a divergence in iPhone models. Whilst the Fourth Gen networks seem to be a must for marketing in the US there's no infrastructure for "4G" in the UK (2012 before the Government releases some of the bandwidth req'd). Apple needs to have a...
+1 the 3GS would be about right for the low end model, perhaps just bump the battery to bring it to 2011 tech. There's probably a good number of iPhone users who use storage only 'cos it's there. This said, the unlocked, SIM-free 3GS 8GB handset from Apple costs more than I'd have expected by now. At £428 it's a fair investment: the £510 16GB iPhone 4 is much more appealing but hardly entry-level. With iPad 2 advertised alongside this at £399 it feels expensive.
Quite. Almost without exception Blackberry users I see listening to music during my daily commute on the railway are listing to that music on an iPod. A notable number of Android users are doing the same. A lot of people use iTunes for digital music even if they've never bought anything on the iTS or choose a non-iPhone mobile. I wonder what RIM/MS are planing to do to give these people impetus to change....LOL: makes no sense. The 'book' part sounds like a bit of a...
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