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Not sure that's an acceptable insult nowadays... although I hear it frequently.+1
Ta da!! As if by magic exactly what you're after for <£250 - released last summer. http://www.iphonemili.com/Products_s...?ID=17&MaxID=2But the fact that this charges the phone/iPod, works with other VGA sources and folds down into a seperate device makes it infinitely preferable to building a projector into the phone; that is just bonkers.
Stick me down on the "never" list too. And in other news the iPhone isn't expected to feature a flying teapot or spaghetti monster until 2016.
I see more evidence it's going to run Flash than use a Qualcomm chipset but then I clearly don't have a clue what I'm looking at... world.fls, stack.fls etc.
I thought T-Mobile was GSM? My UK iPhone seemed to stay on T-Mobile most of the week when I visited NYC at the end of last year. I wasn't using any data though: do T-Mobile US use something different for the data? It never detected a Sprint network so I assumed they have another technology.
The Sun (Murdoch UK Tabloid) apparently has their standard topless Page 3 girl as a 360˚ model on the iPad so it's not a totally new concept. http://paidcontent.co.uk/image/slide...-ipad-edition/
Indeed and surely once you get to 'retina' (and we can assume for a 9.7" screen 2048 x 1536 is there) you 'never' upgrade the resolution again. The iPhone will 'never' have a higher resolution screen than the iPhone 4. Of course you should never say never in technology but once it's more detailed than someone with perfect vision can see your efforts go elsewhere... battery life etc. Speculating further then, it's logical that once you've reached this end-state component...
Furthermore Apple thinks 7" is too big for the one UI and too small for the other. I disagree with SJ that it's not possible that a UI could be envisioned for a 7" device but clear Apple's UIs don't work for that size. +1 I've been moaning on apple.com/feedback for a while now (since 2.x days) and no improvement. Although unless I'm imagining it under 4.2 they demand less attention than they did previously. i.e. you aren't necessarily forced into the notifying app...
Small steps... get us used to the gestures before we have to use them. Personally I hope the home button stays. For your resets and screen grabs it has other valuable purposes which can't be replicated in software as effectively. No need for a flash. Any camera on the back of an iPad is for Augmented Reality or barcode scanning - just like with the iPod touch - it's not for photography. Having grown up with headphone port on the bottom of iDevices (iPod nano, iPod...
I too thought the screen would get the bump for iPad 3 but the evidence seems to be mounting to the contrary. The vibration motor is a must for iPad 2. How else will it ring 'silently' when Grandma Facetimes you (yeah sorry Grammar Nazis using that as a verb here.)
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