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I too thought the screen would get the bump for iPad 3 but the evidence seems to be mounting to the contrary. The vibration motor is a must for iPad 2. How else will it ring 'silently' when Grandma Facetimes you (yeah sorry Grammar Nazis using that as a verb here.)
I'm pretty sure iPad "2" will match the iPod touch sensor specs rather than the iPhone sensors. The front camera will be there for FaceTime and the rear one for AR, scanning etc - it doesn't need to have an LED or 5Mpx sensor for those purposes.
Which requires users to read up and understand the problem beforehand - which isn't a solution. Just using non-repeating alarms is much easier. Whilst I do have a £10 radio-updating alarm I don't see why it makes any sense for you to advise ppl to buy and alarm clock too. The iPhone alarms (when working:-)) offer a far more functionality thank any standalone alarm clock. Why don't I buy a newspaper, alarm clock, dumb phone and PSP and use my iPhone for something more...
Ignoring your troll-like assertion that it's Steve's will that this is changing and not following customer feedback... in iOS4 a double tap of the home button and slide to the left brings the software orientation control. It makes more sense to have the features implemented uniformly across product lines. The rear-facing camera isn't for photography. Quite. The rear camera won't be for photography. As such it'll probably be the 0.7MPx sensor seen in the iPod touch...
I wonder if AAPL's cash reserves would stretch to that? :-) That would give Apple proper end to end control of the flagship product.
"large single mouse button"... ...what a very odd thing for the source to say.... - There's no mouse... - MacBooks don't have trackpad buttons (except for the {old} Air) - The words "single mouse button" is usually reserved for 'haters' ------------------- Seperately, I've always thought the Air is just waiting to get 3G included and my hunch is the networks just don't want Apple to release something that would stall their networks. Whilst I am fully aware that you...
Not really; there are already several Android PMP out there: http://www.archos.com/products/ta/ar...try=gb&lang=enhttp://pulse.philips.com/blog/2010/0...id-mp4-player/ Whether it's useful to include the PMP into the iOS or Android discussion depends on the context of what is being discussed. But certainly for overall comparison all devices should be considered.
In the Apple world you only get the whole version free when you buy a Mac after the release and it isn't in the original box due to shipping times. iLife is so cheap for the capabilities it offers that it's not a concern anyhow. Personally I'm always happy to pay a fair price for quality software.---We should remember that iLife 07 was posted like this on Amazon - but never came to pass.
Marvin, Thanks very much for taking the time to give me a really decent answer. The last certificate I got from Nominet has Freenetname (the ISP back then - now Madasafish) as the domain owner but searching whois.domaintools.com I see it has my name, home address and telephone number on there now. I was also very seriously surprised that I was getting >500 hits on my page per month as I though it would be closer to 0, although as far as I know it is the only iMac G4...
iLife '11 with iOS hooks. (just looking at the invite!)
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