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Two weeks ago, in an effort to get another year out of my G5 iMac, I bought a Trendnet Wireless-N USB adapter, pretty much for the sole purpose of being able to stream HD video to my Apple TV. It worked very well until I also upgraded my Airport Base Station to the new dual-band model. Ever since then, it's been a downward spiral and I think my iMac might be dead now. Shortly after upgrading to the new AEBS, I began downloading Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica off a...
That seems plausible, especially since -- I now realize -- Apple has clearly said Steve won't be back until the end of June.
No Steve? It'll be interesting to see what the stock price does today. But I sense a bit of wiggle room in what Apple is saying here. Perhaps Phil kicks off the speech, but Steve is this year's "one more thing"?
I think that's the issue everyone has with them. I don't think the critics of headsets here are going after people who use them selectively, particularly those who only use them in the car (though studies have shown there's little safety benefit there, as your brain is distracted the same way you would be if you were holding the phone to your head). It sounds like we can all agree that people who wear those things 24/7 are self-important jackasses who, upon meeting them,...
Don't forget the wealthy (parents of) Georgetown students (and GW students, too)! But, yeah, DC is one of the most recession-proof places around (though in this mega-recession, you can feel the pinch somewhat). That said, I'll probably still go to the Pentagon City store, because it's on the Metro and I used to work there. Still, this is very encouraging.
Excellent! But it leads to another question: I want to take advantage of the dual-band features on the new base station. Will my devices know to connect via the new base station and not the old one, or does it not matter? I'm worried that if they somehow go to the older base station, then all my wireless-N devices would be forced to work at wireless-G speeds.
If I get the new base station, would it be possible to use my current one as an extender? I'd like to hook my Blu-Ray up to it to access BD Live content
The Guest Network and dual-band networking features are very, very nice, (I'm definitely going to get the new AE) but Apple is really stretching credibility to suggest that a 1TB hard drive is worth $320.
In a desktop? I doubt it. All you'd really gain is... um, a lighter wallet.
But "the real thing" could just be a new Time Capsule and a new Airport Extreme. Not that I'd mind too much -- if the new AE has the features that have been discussed on this site, I'll be buying one very soon. No reason that my iPhone and old iMac should slow down my Apple TV's downloading speeds!
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