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Thanks for the tips, nosarious. I think I finally figured out what was wrong. The pictures, when taken off the Kodak CD (either by importing or simple copy/paste) come across as "Read only" so they can't be cropped. I went into the iPhoto library, selected all the Kodak photos, went to File Info and changed them all to "read and write." Problem solved, right? Nope. This change in files made iPhoto go all buggy and quit right after I started it. I had no clue how to fix...
Yesterday I finally got around to actually using iPhoto (I downloaded it the day after it was announced.) I popped in a Kodak Photo CD and imported the pictures in just the way Apple specifies. The importing went fine, but everything was downhill from there. I went in to crop a photo. I highlighted the portion I wanted to keep and hit the crop button. The computer "thought" about it for a second or two, and then the photo simply appeared as it had before. However, the...
You can also get it (for FREE) at any Apple Store. I picked up two copies at the Clarendon, VA store last week -- one to read, one to cut up and put pictures up on my wall. It's kind of like how overweight people put pictures of thin people on the fridge: The more I see it, the more driven I am to save up the money to buy it. [ 01-22-2002: Message edited by: tetzel1517 ]

I lurk no more... Yes, my Mac-ignorant best friend called me yesterday to tell me that she was totally blown away by the new iMac once she got her copy of Time in the mail. I'm not too keen on news magazines putting new products on their cover, but I'll keep quiet about it in this case
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