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I got my 80 gb Classic soon after they came out, and it's worked great, except for one annoying thing: Everytime I hook it up to my Mac, the deletes, then re-adds, the same 43 songs every single time. On Sunday, to commemorate putting an Invisible Shield on my iPod, I decided to restore it to see if the annoyance (I don't want to call it a "problem") would go away. It didn't -- every time I hook it up, the same songs get deleted and then re-synced. I would like to remove...
Well, guess I'm glad I haven't bought that 500GB external drive yet!This sounds like something that will be enabled in a .1 or .2 update. Like someone said above, if there's any feature Apple needs to ship bug-free, it's this one. You can't ship a backup program for the masses if it's not going to work right out of the box.Off-topic, but where are you finding HD content for your Apple TV?
Interesting, but not surprising. I can't tell you how many bars I've gone into that have a dozen HD TVs hanging up all over the place, but have them showing SD channels, making everything stretched out. And you know they're completely oblivious to the fact that it's set up wrong. I'm guessing many people have done this at home, too.
Wow, I'll have to check it out. If Amazon can get other major lablels to go DRM-free, this store combined with eMusic (for all my indie needs) will eliminate all need to use the iTMS altogether.
Ah, this brings back memories of the dreaded "HP Communications" app that refused to go away, even when I thought I uninstalled everything HP-related on my machine when I sold my old SLOW-AS-HELL HP printer. God, it was so. freaking. slow. We now have a Canon PIXMA MP460 that works like a dream, even though the last Airport update forced us to connect it directly to the iMac and turn on printer sharing (which means my fiancée's MacBook can only print to it when my machine...
I've downloaded the video of a streaming webcast, but there appears to be some sort of DRM on the file (an ASF file) that's preventing me from playing it. Are there any tools for the Mac that can strip the DRM from this file? I understand this type of question may be off-limits, so if it is, please delete it without prejudice.
Easier said than done. Few people have the time, hard drive space or desire to use Handbrake or some other tool to get video off a DVD. Apple shouldn't count on people doing this when figuring out who to market the Apple TV toward. I used my iMac to convert "Walk the Line" to a file suitable for display on my fiancée's 5G iPod, and I had to leave it on overnight. Even on the fastest machines, this process takes well over an hour. It's just not worthwhile for 95 percent of...
Indeed. It's a shame that it probably only exports video when it's actually playing video, because I would love to just hook the iPod up to the TV and have its screen on my TV even when I'm just listening to music. Though I guess that's what the Apple TV is for (but not for me, until there's some HD content for it).
Not that I don't believe you, but where did you hear/read this? I can't find that anywhere on the Classic's tech specs page on Apple.com.
When I picked up my iPod today to take it with me, I actually thought to myself, "sorry buddy, your days are numbered." Was I, subconsciously, perhaps a little less protective of it than I'd normally be? Honestly, yeah. I'm still trying to get it back though, on the hope a kind soul reported it to the bus driver, who then reported it to lost and found. I mean, I was getting a new iPod regardless, but wasn't going to buy it now (trying to be fiscally responsible and save...
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