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And it would be laughed out of court. Apple is under absolutely no obligation to stick to the iMovie HD code base. They can release and discontinue products as they please, unless they're under contract to do otherwise. People really do throw around the word "lawsuit" way too much these days. I do think Apple would be wise to lower the price of Final Cut Express though, for those iMovie HD users who are seeking some sort of upgrade path.
I don't know... 16 gb seems like an odd amount. Someone who's going to buy that kind of device will probably want/need more than 16 gb capacity. My ideal iPod is 80 gb, widescreen, touchscreen, and has WiFi, but only for the purpose of getting music from the iTunes Store. I think the iPod should remain a media player at its core. Let the iPhone be the 3-in-1 device.
I suspect you could change the language on the phone, but you're right, there's no way around the international roaming.
Her source is just her own scheming brain, I'm afraid. She tends to have wildly imaginative ideas that are usually awesome, if not possible.
Would it be at all possible, at all, to somehow make it work on T-Mobile's network in the U.S.? I ask because as soon as my girlfriend heard that T-Mobile might be selling the phone in Germany, she had visions dancing in her head of somehow buying the phone from Germany and then using it here in the U.S. (we're both T-Mobile subscribers). I told her there's no way that'd be possible, but I couldn't think of a technical reason why. Can someone spell it out for me so I...
Same here, which is why I'm waiting on a 3G iPhone. I'll either be living in NYC or DC when that happens, so I know the service will be available. Frankly, I'm glad it doesn't do 3G right now... can't afford the thing!!
Same here. I wish they'd figure out how to do HD movies so I could just avoid that whole Blu-Ray/HD DVD thing entirely.
Yeah, there's absolutely nothing in the way of indies having non-DRM music now, too. In fact, a large number of indie labels already sell DRM-free music through eMusic, and it has some of the more significant labels, like Matador and Merge. So clearly there's no objection on their end. Now that iTunes will have the interface and infrastructure necessary to sell non-DRM music, this should be incredibly easy. I pay for eMusic solely so I can get non-DRM music (and I like the...
Thanks everyone... it sounds like I'm best holding off for a bit. I might end up even waiting until Rev. B and taking it from there. I'm sure someone will figure out all the snags that have cropped up.
I am an avid Mac user but a novice hacker. I'm comfortable with modifying .plist files and such, but once I hear phrases like "SSH" my head starts spinning. That said, I've read so much about the Apple TV hacks lately that all the babble is starting to make sense to me. I do have a couple questions though. 1. Once you do the xVid hack, does that mean that all you have to do is put a QT reference movie for an AVI file into iTunes and that will sync over to the Apple TV...
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