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I was using click4flash when i was using safari. However, safari when I would watch movies in flash would freeze for a long period of time making watching shows/movies miserable. I started using Chrome and so far no problems there. Just sick of hearing the fans all the time!@
Hey all, I have a new MBP with I7 and SSD options. When I watch almost any video the fans come on quite quickly which is annoying. Also, while watching video I seem to run around 90+ degrees Celsius. Does this seem normal? I just seems like the computer is so sensitive and the fans are always on. Even right now I'm not watching video and I'm at ~77 degrees Celsius. At rest I seem to be around 50. Just want to make sure this is normal for the new...
Whats adblock extension and click2flash??
Its strange that its completely locking up my computer though for that amount of time. Why does it not do that to my older/slower computer?
Hey all, I have a new 13" MPB with SSD and 4g of ram. When I'm watching longer videos on say megavideo it will freeze for a long period of time (10-20 minutes) and the fans will quickly come on at full blast. I feel like there has to be some reason this is happening. My old 13" Macbook never did that and its 3.5 years old... Help! Thanks,
Hello all, I'm not sure this is the place to post this but here goes: I have my 24" iMac connected to my 43" plasma. Everything works fantastically and I'm really happy with the setup. I am using the very first white 24" iMac with the nvidia 7600 graphics card. One problem. How can I turn off the iMac display easily, and how can I turn it off without it turning off output to the tv? Thanks for any and all help!
I'm not using push at all. I have gmail.
I agree I think it should be able to change back and forth depending on use. My 2g iphone would give me about 2 days of a charge vs the 3g which barely gets 1 day on a charge...
Hey all, Anyone else really struggling with battery life on the new phone? I cant even get a full day out of a charge now. My old one I could get about 2 days of use! I know youre going to say turn off 3g then, but isnt that the whole point of owning this phone is the use of 3g?? ANyone know of a program that can be put on the main page to easily click 3g on and off? I hate going through all the setting to get to that... Im in real estate so I use my cell...
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