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I wonder if a stolen iPhone could send the thief's fingerprint to the police? And as a parent I would like the iPhone to automatically impose restrictions when my kids borrow the phone but not of course when I'm using it.
Can anyone help me identify the error that's causing this crash?   Left for Dead 2 crashes after start-up (see attached beginning of crash log below).  I reinstalled L4D2, reinstalled Steam, and ran Disk Utility, all to no avail.  I also installed OS X 10.8 but that didn't help.  Based on what I've seen on the web, it seems to be a software problem, but I'm not sure what to do and I'm not overly technical.  Any ideas appreciated....
I would be delighted if they weren't killing off Gallery.
If production in China is so advantageous why is Foxconn building an iPad factory in Brazil? Does Brazil also have some major manufacturing advantage over the US?
I'm really quite disappointed at the loss of Gallery, especially since there's no clear alternative that offers the same seamless integration and polished appearance. And this comes only two years after Apple pulled the rug out from under HomePage users when it shut down that service and made no effort to aid in the transition of data to Gallery.
I encourage you to leave your compound in Montana and visit places like China, Burma, Iran, Syria, or Libya. Maybe then you'll have some idea what a police state is really like.
My 5-year old daughter made TSA's terrorist watch list. Her twin sister did not. Go figure. And good luck getting an explanation.
I think that there are a fair number of developers out there rating their own product in an effort to stack the deck. I've seen it time and again where an otherwise poorly rated app receives a streak of 5 star ratings all on the same day. The multiplayer version of Modern Combat Sandstorm by Gameloft is the latest case where I've noticed this. Apple using statistical methods could easily monitor the ratings for anomalies if they chose to do so.
Must AI always refer to Apple's developer community as "vast." How about "ginormous" or "endless horde" or "biblical-sized" for some variety. Or better yet just drop the unnecessary adjectives altogether.
http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/08/te...gewanted=print December 8, 2008 LINK BY LINK The Freedoms That Technologies Help Bring By NOAM COHEN AMONG international outrages, depriving citizens of personalized maps seems far down on the list. Still, that was the condition put on the introduction of Apple’s iPhone 3G in Egypt. The government demanded that Apple disable the phone’s global-positioning system, arguing that GPS is a military prerogative. The company...
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