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Does anyone know how to link the Address Book to Google Maps instead of Mapquest? Thanks.
Bingo Reg! That did the trick. Thanks man.
I have a iMac G5 with a cable modem connection (Comcast), no Airport card. I then bought an iBook G4 with Airport Extreme and an Airport Extreme Base Station. I want both computers to have internet access via my Comcast connection, the iBook G4 should be wireless of course. How do I hook this up? I tried running the cable modem to the aiport and from there via LAN to the iMac G5 and wireless to the iBook. But I don't get internet access through either computer...
Title says it all. I've got an airport extreme card in my laptop and wondered if I need to buy an airport extreme base station from Apple or if I can get away with the much cheaper and older airport base station off of Ebay. I recognize the speed differences and that's not important since I only intend to surf and do email with the wireless computer.
Make sure that you check your peripherals closely - not all of those will be dual voltage.
I've used the Mercury Elite series for the past three years and haven't had any problems. In fact, I just ordered another one, a 250 GB external drive to backup my new G5 iMac. As far as I know, both OWC and LaCie have good reps. Either one is a fine choice.
Thanks. I now feel free to abuse my eardrums without worrying about replacing the speakers.
Just wondering if I leave it cranked up to max volume if it will damage them (I'm obssesed today with U2's Vertigo, which I've been playing really loudly). Are the internal speakers replaceable? I didn't see anything on Apple's website about this.
Mine just arrived today (Nov 2, Northern Virginia), when it only shipped on Oct 30. That's fast. Now I, uh.., have something else to do. Bye.
After a long layoff, I'm returning to playing RtCW. I did a clean install and downloaded the mac 1.41 beta update. My problem is I can't seem to find the master server which contains the list of game servers. In other words, no mp mode. My firewall is turned off. Anyone else with the same problem?
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