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Honestly, I'm not shocked, but I find it somewhat interesting that Apple's SVP of Marketing wouldn't have internalised Apple's linguistic idiosyncrasies (which I enjoy, by the way).Edit: Ah, didn't realise how my use of shocked mirrored Schiller's. That was dumb of me and wholly unintentional.
First, doesn't 'tossed out' mean the same as 'binned'? Super-confusing that the term has double contradictory meanings. Second, I am shocked—shocked!—that Phil Schiller would write "the iPhone" instead of just "iPhone".
Yup. I need new glasses, and I'm making a point of avoiding Luxottica – it's not easy. Most of the alternatives are budget Chinese no-names, super high-end like Cartier or simply unavailable in Europe (like Randolph Engineering).
I would be extremely wary of recommending the use of PhotoStream as "cloud storage". It's a good way to sync photos between devices, but as it is poorly explained (and thus understood) and may delete photos without user interaction it is emphatically not a good place to store important memories.
So the no-class action clauses are actually valid?
Yeah, Android got the same update just now too.
Not at all, it was just an observation that it doesn't seem to handle things that have free space under them very well.
Compared to how poorly the algorithms seem to handle trees, I'm sure they must have touched up the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe manually.
At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if there's still a significant backlog when it's time to update the iMacs to Haswell…
There are other functions the title bar serves, such as providing a suitably large target for moving the window. Less necessary with unified toolbars, of course, but in apps like Safari where the toolbar has lots of other clickable targets it is crucial (as we saw with the attempt to introduce tabs-on-top).I hope we will still be able to disable the ridiculous levels of iTunes Store integration that serves little purpose for the user.
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