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Is that what they are saying? Cleartype subpixel anti-aliasing is clearly not a function of the display (except in the sense that it needs a display with subpixels), so, to me, when they list "ClearType HD display" in the specs, they are misappropriating their own marketing terms for something only tangentially related which in this case seems to be whatever they used for the decreased reflections (perhaps in-cell touch?).Ideally, of course, we would have both subpixel-AA...
That's not true, is it? From what I've seen, the Atom based smartphones are at the top of the Android heap performance-wise. Maybe not the fastest, but not terribly slow either.
I still say cars ought to be matte. Instead of trying to stand out in the landscape, they should strive to harmonise and blend in, and there are few things in nature (or even in cities) that are highly reflective (water of course, but cars rarely travel on water). (And yes, I realise that the glossy lacquer is less vulnerable.)
Well. USB can't handle video as such, but there are (pre)standards for getting video out through the micro-USB connector and some Samsung phones has it implemented.Edit: Apparently noted in the article, but dismissed as clumsy because of some manufacturer-specific implementation reasons.
‘Yup. I imagine one could construct a multi-ring connector where each ring is progressively shorter/longer than the next (or at least protective-earth would be longer than the others), but it might be too expensive to make the connectors.Theoretically, yes. Ideally, all USB cabling would have the USB relief on the "up" side (notwithstanding the issues with vertical USB sockets), so that it would be easy to orient by feeling, but as I you note Apple only prints the logo...
Well, both the Europlug and the Schuko (but not some national variations) are reversible.Magsafe has already been mentioned, and many coax DC power connectors used for other laptops and external devices (and pre-Magsafe Apple notebooks) are too. There's also a whole host of other ring-shaped/circular connectors (BNC, RCA, TRS etc.) that obviously are to some degree direction agnostic.Also some IEC 60320 variations are non-polarised, and can be found on many common consumer...
In practice, pretty much all FireWire 800 ports are backwards compatible, but it is not required. FireWire 400 and FireWire 800 use different signalling protocols (1394a and 1394b respectively), and there is a standard connector defined for 1394b-only ("beta only"), which has wider notches.If you want to read up a bit on FireWire, the 1394 Trade Association has a tutorial [pdf] which is fairly light-weight and provides some useful insight.
"This headline was written to make you believe that Samsung might have bought ARM Holdings PLC."
So, my first reaction was "duh, of course the iPad doesn't draw anywhere near 60 watts". And then I realised the "60 W CFL light bulb" in reality was a 60 W incandescent-equivalent CFL lamp. Misusing the SI units in this way is probably way worse than the ridiculousness of the "horse power".
I love the silly wordplays Apple indulges in. They are in some ways humanising. Didn't they do one for some revision of the Mac Pro too?
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