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Apple says 02pm PDT, not PST. Edit: Which should be now, right?
Is this comment based on the assumption that minimum wage laws are not socialist at all and rather very much libertarian?
How could they misspell "Billie Jean"?
I guess the cable protector now is flush with the new iPod shuffle as well?
With "jump menus", I was referring to the menus accessible by right-clicking the Dock icons, not Windows 7's jump lists. I did mean black text on platinum background though. My bad.Huh? Current leopard menus have no (very little) translucency. The fact that positive text is easier to read and the off-white background strain your eyes less than pure white?
Perhaps it would, if white text on a dark transparent background was a good idea. It isn't. (Jump Menus are more similar in behaviour, and are platinum/black)They tried overly translucent menus in 10.5.0, it didn't work. Why do they believe it would work better now?It would be very nice if Apple stopped making these arbitrary changes adding more flash and removing bang.
There are, to my knowledge, no difference between the 2006 MBP batteries and the 2008 MBP batteries, so assuming that he got old batteries when he replaced the malfunctioning ones is probably not a good answer to the problem. After all, he's gone through multiple replacements. Also, since Apple differentiates between Li-ion (Powerbooks/iBooks) and Li-polymer (Intel notebooks, iPods, etc.), and battery care for the types differ, it would be helpful to do the same.
Irrelevant. All Intel Mac notebooks have used lithium polymer batteries. Also, the style of battery used in the early 2006 Macbook Pro was manufactured at least until the Unibody notebooks were introduced.
The USB-IF is made up of mostly American companies and the connectors are probably made in the Far East. I can't say I like the choice of plug though, the mini-USB connector always looks like it should go two more mm in, but it doesn't.
That is true, but it is an upgrade option for both the $599 Mini and the $799 mini, neither of which costs $799 with the 2.26GHz processor - thus completely invalidating the sentence.
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