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It does not.
The benefits of SSDs in laptops are not primarily sequential reads/writes, (you'll max out the ethernet and Firewire 800 interfaces just fine on SATA150, possibly even both simultaneously) but the shock proof nature and the vastly faster random read/writes are the true advantages.
I just hope they fix the terrible banding in the Leopard Aurora.
AnyDVD HD can rip Blu-rays and HD-DVDs. Admittedly, it's a Windows program but then it haven't made much sense to develop one for OS X yet.
Sweet mother of Jesus, Apple actually listened! Awesome.
No, you don't. Tried using spring loaded folders?
This is great, but I'm sure I've heard about some Creative players natively interfacing with iTunes before. I doubt the Pre handles Apple Lossless files though.
Oh, but it is. Seven of eight macbook owners I can remember (including me) have had their top case cracked (not sure about the eight), and Apple acknowledges the problem and repairs it out of warranty.
Best case scenario would be if they actually had someone competent (or even the uploader) choose the encoding settings on a per-video basis (or accept video without re-encoding). I'm not very fond of macroblocking. And perhaps they could feed High Profile video to computers.
Please. 19" displays have had a 1440x900 display resolution for ages as standard. Very few models differ from this. Laptops have had higher density displays, and for good reason: you keep them closer to your face. Compared to the 17" Macbook pro, any desktop display has poor resolution, save perhaps medical equipment. The pixel density doesn't have much to do with the quality of the display anyway.
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