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Of course there's something wrong with it if it reduces functionality for no good or apparent reason. I'm not too fond of the close arrangement of ports on desktop PCs either, but the backplate is a standard fixed size so there's not really much to do about it.   Another solution would be to just fill up the back with USB ports. Three are not very many.
  Possibly, I can't confirm whether the device supports dual-link DVI or not. I suspect they would say they had it if they did, so probably not.
Uh, what were they thinking when they put the USB ports that close to each other when there's plenty of space on the front (among other layout issues)?
I'm not sure; the Xolo X900 has a bit smaller battery than the flagship ARM Android phones and it doesn't perform terribly in the battery life tests Anand did.    Also, there is a single chip Atom SoC solution (Medfield, which is used in this phone and I'll wager some variant will be used in tablets as well), with PowerVR SGX540 graphics and the platform performs pretty well compared to the ARM chips. 
  I agree that it will be confusing, but I don't necessarily believe the x86 tablets will be bulkier than the ARM tablets. Intel did finally get their Atom chip into a smartphone last month so I can't imagine slim tablets being much of an issue.
  Ah, that is true of course. Personally I feel the whole clicking step is somewhat annoying but since current implementations and "best" practices seem to favour auto-loading and auto-playing of video it can be useful sometimes.
  Certainly it is only useful to have Click2Flash installed if you already have Flash? It is my understanding that with Click2Flash, it will look to the server of the website as the browser has Flash installed and won't show alternative media intended for users without Flash.
Seriously? Radar is pretty bad. And it looks like 10.1, which should say something.
Yeah, I won't say the guy's designs aren't striking, but they're not useful in the way I associate with Apple and modernism in general. It is telling that the BBC's documentary series The Genius of Design notes that his juicer doesn't really work all that well, which I think should be the first objective of good design.
Sorry if I'm obtuse, but isn't the entire point of the patent system to protect the "small guys" who may be clever enough to invent something but doesn't have the finances to make a product, from the large guys who could just take the innovation and put it into production? (Thus encouraging them to make the innovation available to the public instead of having it collect dust in a safe.) Seems kind of petty calling them 'trolls'. Personally, I think the entire patent...
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