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Kleenex isn't (de facto) genericized?
Honestly, I still think the first Front Row UI worked better as a ten-feet UI than the “current” Front Row UI (and old Apple TV UI). The pictures, album covers and movie posters may look nice and flashy, but I don't think they make it easier to browse lists and find what you're looking for.
I won't say the headline didn't have me a bit worried, but I'm fine with the actual turn of events.
Can they make the cover more bland and amateurish? Also, AI, you know there's an easy way to write an em dash on Apple's keyboard layout, right?
I highly doubt that any macbook has a video card drawing over 75 W. Obviously the mobile cards should be a bit more efficient, but not that much more. But probably a lot more useful for the computers relying on Intel GPUs, yes.
Only Fergie (of Black Eyed Peas infamy) is a Dutchess, the Princess William is in her own right Duchess of Cambridge.
How is The Iron Giant "cute"?
I'm just hoping the rolling shutter artefacts aren't too bad with the video camera.
It bothers me that peripherals manufacturers can't be bothered to include nicer looking power bricks and cables (if included at all) with their premium products.
Are you sure? It has the same hardware as the iMacs, and Apple's support site says it can run two Thunderbolt displays and a third display using HDMI.I guess the assumption was that it could go Computer -> *random Thunderbolt device(s)* -> Mini DisplayPort display. Instead it appears it is Computer -> *random Thunderbolt device(s) that is not a display* -> Mini DisplayPort display. Which doesn't really make sense to me because I've not seen a technological explanation as...
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