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Actually, I want to clarify that I didn't mean it would be strictly worse, but instead that it might not be as good as the growth rate might have suggested it would've been. Which, in some ways, could be interpreted as a slowdown.
Although it does that all-year round. Ostensibly, the back-to school promotions are intended to strengthen sales in what would otherwise be a less profitable quarter. If the promotion is not as valuable to the consumer compared to previous years, it could very well lead to a relatively worse quarter than last year.
Pretty sure this indicates that there is support for 450 Mbit .11n on Snow Leopard: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4205/t...andy-bridge/11.
Maximum bitrate for Blu-ray video is 40 Mb/s, yes. But we do want audio as well, right? But it's really irrelevant, since most of the iDevices will choke on that.Incidentally the data on a Blu-ray disk is extremely compressed (uncompressed video, or even losslessly compressed video is several hundred megabits per second).
I was actually going to quote the original article, but I needed to delete less text to quote you instead.
It's Dalvik.
"Thunderbolt technology is based on a switched fabric architecture with full-duplex links. Unlike bus-based I/O architectures, each Thunderbolt port on a computer is capable of providing the full bandwidth of the link in both directions with no sharing of band- width between ports or between upstream and downstream directions. The Thunderbolt protocol architecture can be abstracted into four layers as shown in Figure 2."...
Likely one. Intel says one (or two), with no explanation for when the (or two) is applicable. The great limitation is that Thunderbolt currently only supports Displayport 1.1a, which doesn't really allow for daisy-chaining of displays (the new 6000-series GPUs support DP 1.2, which does, but to no utility).Are there even any displays with support for daisy-chaining in the market today?
Great! I want a slimmer PS3.
Ah, yes, the benefits of marketshare. The free student edition is nice; time to go work on some marketable skills, perhaps.
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