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The iPod touch would like to have a word with you.
Yes, the chassis is clearly the vulnerable part in a Macbook Pro.
So true. If Apple deigned to use good encoders and/or more high-end features of AVC, it could be decent, but not as it is now.
And yet again. QuickPath is not a memory architecture, does not include an on-die memory controller and is not a feature of Lynnfield and other Socket H processors. It supposes many of these things, however, and the quad-cores do have on-die memory controllers in spite of not having any QPI links.
That worked out so well for them.
It'll be interesting when there's no content to consume on the iDevices because there are no computers left to create it on …
The Mac Pro was very good value when it was first introduced and has become progressively worse value as time has progressed (especially compared to the iMac). A 1-bin speed bump and last years graphics at the same price is what we get for waiting 1.5 years?
I'm somewhat entertained by Apples insistence of always releasing major hardware updates just before ATI does the same, virtually granting that Macs will perpetually lag behind PCs in GPU performance.
Furthermore, h.264 is not a codec, and h.263 and h.263 are not MPEG standards, they belong to ITU-T. It would make more sense to write MPEG-4 Visual (which is similar but not identical to h.263) and MPEG-4 AVC (which is identical to h.264).I'm disappointed that Google didn't clean up the mess.
This is not quite true. While Activity Monitor will measure 100 % per core in the list, if you go to the CPU tab, you'll see the total only measures to 100 %, regardless how many cores you have available (at least on 10.5 Leopard). The test methodology is very clear in where it takes it's data from.Apparently it wasn't supported for content in Safari back in 2006 (despite that Core Animation was made available to the public with the release of 10.5, in late 2007), which...
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