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Since the Mac Pro most probably will use high end Intel chipsets, should we be able to expect CrossFire card support in it?
Actually, it's still touted as Robson. I might be holding off my MBP purchase until Santa Rosa.
What he seems to not understand is that you get what you pay for?
Like I said, I have no experience of lectures, and certainly not American, but upon reading this conversation I got the impression that any disturbance to the professor at all was a most grievous insult. Now, is all communication during the lecture supposed to be professor <--> pupil, and none at all between pupils? If so, why?
I just wanted to get a comment in on instant messaging, but do mind that I have no experience of higher American education. Is instant messaging really such a bad tool? I understand that it really shouldn't be used for conversating casually with other people, but by using rendezvous or bonjour you create a network of people who can discuss the lecture in class (I'd say that's desirable, perhaps you don't.) and, if they misheard something or simply didn't hear what the...
Does an Itanium2 fit in a server blade?
Yes, I know, I just thought it odd that there was no mention of it on the site. At least no highly visible mention. But perhaps ordinary consumers wouldn't want to know in any case.
Though to be fair I didn't see the MWSF announced at Apple.com either, but I don't know if that is just business as usual.
What now, is this the fourth claimed invitation, all with different layout and fonts? And this also from a new-registered member? And Moscone doesn't show an Apple booking at the 22nd, but they may have been asked to keep it secret. You've got the golden ticket. There's been a mix up... We're not quite done yet. Anyone able to make something out of this?
Dammit. Someone delete this, I accidentally hit quote instead of edit.
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