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Mac Pros/Powermacs have to get Woodcrest if they want multiple CPUs in the same box. And what do multipliers have to do with it? I'd prefer a high frequency FSB over a high multiplier.
Ooh, shiny. That is a thing of beauty.
Small Outline actually. I haven't seen any retailers selling 2GB SO-DIMM modules over here. Do they exist?
Because servers do best with tested and trusty parts, on a stable platform and manufacturing technique.
Not true. In the Swedish Apple Store, the 17" iMac is 2% more expensive, and the low end MBP is 5% more expensive than the 15" PowerBook. The percentages of the UK store is slightly different, but the new Macs are more expensive than their predecessors. As for a fun fact, Storbritannien (Great Britain) is misspelled on the Swedish page. For another fun fact, Intel's codename for its next mobility CPU is Merom. (Now where's the rolleyes smiley?)
What? Now, do not accuse me of that. It was a serious question. I understand that the development of new gate lengths cost money, but I wanted to know if it was significantly more expensive to directly translate to 32nm rather than 45nm. Because it is possible, right? Or do I misunderstand your reaction?
Is it much harder to translate directly to 32 nm, or is this just a case of making more money by slowing development down?
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