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Relic would be nice.
As far as I know, the PS3 supports a version of OpenGL ES, but it's not the API most of its games are programmed to.
Steam is a distribution and social networking platform. Valve's games are built on the Source engine.
It won't, because the utility of a real book is worth more than the printing cost. Also, there's no reason to actually pay the full MSRP. The retailers have half the price as a margin to play with, so the price differential is nowhere as large as they say. (See the Harry Potter book releases for example.)I don't believe people are going to pay $7 for something that is free at the local library.As I said, there's no reason to pay MSRP. I have no idea where you are currently...
Actually, I don't work for Adobe. And I certainly didn't mean to say that Flash is equivalent to simple HTML and CSS. I absolutely abhor sites completely built in Flash. What I'm getting at is that most people complain about resource-intensive Flash ads and video. Using HTML5 (
This is a silly argument. If you get over the critical threshold for devices not supporting Flash, you can bet you'll see these processor-intensive ads in SVG+CSS or something else equally demanding. In my experience, HTML5, SVG and CSS does not, at the present moment, perform better than their alternatives in Flash. I'm no big fan of Flash, but right now this battle is fought only for ideological reasons.
They are most likely using the drives they get the best price on. My Macbook 2,1 from the affected time period shipped with a Fujitsu drive. (Which I've since replaced twice, it runs without problem in an external enclosure.)
No. As an MP-processor, it's far too expensive for a simple dual socket system.
Let me be the first to say:
I know that the costs for printing and shipping books is not a huge part of the selling price, but the benefits of a book as opposed to an electronic document (I'm going to insist that books are bound, physical objects) are more than worth the small price premium they ask for it. On the other hand, I see benefit in the Kindle and other e-readers in using them for documentation and manuals.
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