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Fact check please? Just because BSN didn't bother to be precise doesn't mean you should. Nvidia's Tegra uses ARM11 cores (however, Tegra 2 uses dual Cortex A9s) and the Snapdragon isn't powered by A9 either.Furthermore, A9 doesn't necessarily have to implemented in multicore configurations. Surely Apple would have mentioned that the iPad was multicore in its tech specs?
Yeah, I don't think the Macbook has an IPS display.
Your intentions are reasonable, but since Apple doesn't advertise it's processors by the turbo speed, it doesn't make that much sense. Additionally, the maximum turbo speed is usually reserved for single-core use, so it's not a very relatable figure. It is an interesting marketing problem though.I think it can. The bigger problem is the lack of OpenCL capability.I agree, it would be a much nicer computer if it could compete with the MBPs in battery life. At the moment, the...
I agree, it'll probably use the i7-600 series ULV processors. Why you (and AI) refer to their turbo boost frequencies as standard operating frequency is beyond me though. By all rights they are 1.06 GHz and 1.20 GHz chips respectively.While that is true, the TDP for the Arrandale CPUs include the on-die MCH and graphics. If it's not going to have any external graphics, it's got a few extra watts headroom. While the Nvidia 9400 has a power draw of 12 W, it is under-clocked...
No, the least compelling reason is the custom UI for every album. It's like myspace iTunes style.
It's not very pretty.
Yes, clearly a tech demo which is not even x86 (the instruction set was similar to Itanium's) will translate to a marketable product. The amount of insanity in this thread is mind boggling. Please dial it back, just a bit?
Indeed. We certainly don't need more Flash.
Maybe, if you insist on closing iTunes every time you don't listen to music. But who does?
No mention of Chiat/Day, and the slashes are the wrong way around. Nice.
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