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With the Arrandale, you'll end up with Intel integrated graphics no matter what since it's integrated in the CPU, possibly with a discrete GPU tacked on. For the Clarksfield, there are no Intel GPU solutions at all so you need a discrete GPU.
You're definitely wrong. There are many people who don't palm their mouse.
As far as I understand the HVS model, artificial detail is preferable to softness. There's a reason why major studios use edge enhancement and sharpening on major blockbusters.This makes no sense unless you're talking about some film with very low resolution. Many movies in HD were shot on film, old ones at that.Well, I can apply blur filters on playback if I feel like it. Dot crawl and rainbowing might be harder.
Getting rid of noise like film grain isn't desirable, DNR destroys detail.
Or maybe they could start using higher levels of h.264 for more efficient compression and/or better encoders.
I believe he was referring to the MPEG2 Transport Stream (m2ts) container used for AVCHD and Blu-ray. I do not understand why he's differentiating the multiplexing from the container, as far as I know, they are for all intents and purposes the same.
As mentioned, PC games, and console games for that matter, are moving to digital distribution. The reason store shelves are filled with console games is because the used game market makes the retailers more money, and you can't resell a PC game.Less powerful than what, exactly? I'm sure a single Nehalem core can beat a single Xenon core any day of the week. Or a single core of any other consumer processor.As I'm sure you know, even the initial Core Duo processors were...
Actually, resizing to fill the screen is not resizing properly either. What it should do is eliminate horizontal scroll bars, and only if that's impossible, fill the screen.
No it doesn't.* But whatever, the plus button didn't resize properly anyway.I'm hoping they fixed the bug where quitting a search always takes you back to the top.*Actually, the mini player doesn't make sense at all. Keep iTunes in a separate Space and use dock menus to control it.
New Posts  All Forums: