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I think you are mixing up MPEG-4 part 10 (AVC), the video standard, with MPEG-4 part 14, the container format specified by MPEG and which is heavily based on, but not identical to, mov.
Maybe you haven't read up on this, but all Intel mainstream mobile GPUs (Arrandale) will have Intel graphics on the CPU package. You don't get a choice. IIRC, camcorders, and at least all 2.5" FireWire 800 drives I've seen only have one port, effectively ending the chain. Which is why it would be useful with two ports, I don't care much whether there's actually two separate FireWire buses. Granted, it would be very nice with a separate FireWire 400 bus, since one such...
Obviously, AT&T wants to sell some more texting packages.
Doesn't it do this? I thought that was a selling point when they introduced the Al+SiO2 iMac.
Okay, wishlisting: Blu-ray Arrandale in laptops Discrete graphics in laptops to make up for the on-die Intel GPU Clarkfield in iMac Radeon 5000 series in iMac Two FW800 ports, please?
Not everything is shot on 35mm film.Regardless how much money you spend, you can't do wonders with less than 10Mbit MPEG-2 compression. I own very few DVD's, so I couldn't find any outstanding examples. The DC sequence in Batman Begins is an example.
Whatever they used for the DVD transfer. I'm seeing a pretty huge difference. Not everything depends on the resolution of course. Some of the things that help improve the picture are the lack of visible macro-block artifacts, lack of banding and a lack of general noise artifacts around sharp edges, such as opening credits.
I don't think so. TV-shows produced during the 90's usually have terrible sources.Downscaling 1920*1080 looks far better than upscaling 720*480, especially with a viewing distance of less than a metre. I thought that'd be obvious. Anyway, another great benefit of Blu-ray is that we don't have to deal with the PAL speedup nonsense any more, or the terrible NTSC->PAL transfers.
Or you could backup your iTunes Library and Database files? I assume you're already backing up the music.
I'm sure Western Digital and Hitachi will disagree with you.
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