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sorry about the misplacement of this thread. thanks for the move.
I would like to suggest (to the moderators) that we should have different sections on the forum for different systems so that it makes it easier for everyone to browse information regarding their system. For example: .:Powerbooks:. .:iBooks:. .:iMacs:. .:MacBook:. .:MacBook Pro:. What does everyone think?
what's that command where you reset all the ports?
just wondering if you guys/gals have any trouble getting "good" reception with the airport card that comes equipped with the laptop. Is there anything I can get to boost the reception or range?
here is the link to the article... https://www.lawyersandsettlements.co...ok_classaction
Well I reformatted my PB before updating it and it still said it's empty (i think it was before the updates...). Just to make sure, so the program cannot physically "blow out" the slot?
Ok, I've read that there were actually a number of reports from people who updated from an earlier version of OSX and it blew out their lower RAM slot. Is this true and have you heard of this?
ok, i did it and it still doesn't recognize the slot. I guess it turns out that I have a bad slot. Do you happen to know what would be the cause of this? Is it possible for the memory dimm to mess up the slot?
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