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  It won't benefit you.  And that's where you've missed the whole point - it's not all about you, it's about the hundreds of millions around the world who do use it.
At least the completely wrong part of the article was updated...but still a lousy article, no mention that it's the exact same machine as the 2010 version (and 2009 for that matter), with no TB, no USB3 and no SATA III.
Terrible update and terrible reporting by AI.  The headline here is that it's barely an update (to a TWO YEAR OLD CPU).  And still no sata III, usb3, or thunderbolt.   In short, the only explanation for this is that they think they can sell a few last machines to suckers before killing the model.
  Looks like the current MP is limited to 48 or 96 megs of usable ram.  I assume the next gen being quad channel will up that to 64 and 128?  Does that mean still just four ram slots on the base model or eight slots on all machines?  Four slots on a $2400 machine always seemed dumb to me.
No interest in the Fire, although I'll probably soon get one of the cheaper black and white kindles for book reading.  Already have an iPad 2, and those are the only kindles that offer something I don't already have.
At $2000 it would still be a hobby, not anything that would sell in enough quantity to make any difference in Apple's revenues.  Maybe as one model in a fairly big product line, but it's hard to imagine a model at that price point being one of the main models.
  FCX was an exception, when there was enough of a stink and the threat of many users dumping it, Apple broke their code of silence and made announcements of future plans.  Pros are aware of the situation with Intel, it wouldn't kill Apple to say something along the lines of "MP will be updated, we're sorry it's been so long but we're just waiting for the next gen of CPUs."     Sure, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a machine with a 64 bit cpu that runs 64 bit...
  Minor spec bumps are easy to do, they don't need to wait for a major chip release to do those.  As you say, there are higher clock speeds than they are offering, actually quite a few other options when you consider all the 4/6/8/12 core variants.  Not to mention they could bump the hard drive, memory, and graphics cards along with minor clock speed upgrades.   USB3, SATA III and TB are some of the biggest things missing right now but I can see why they'd wait on...
Not gonna happen, the OS just isn't far enough along yet.  They originally announced "late summer" and Cook reiterated that on the recent earnings call.   Maybe a little earlier than the very end of summer, but no way it will ship in 4-7 weeks.
No question there's a ton of room for improvement with Netflix's selection (which isn't really the issue, but plenty of people have posted about it), particularly with movies (with TV I'd say while there isn't everything, there are quite a lot of good shows available). So we all wish Netflix had a better selection...but who if anyone is offering a better one? Particularly unlimited streaming for eight bucks a month? For me, paying $16 for the streaming and discs...
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