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Except that your original Aperture Library should still be there. There's a new photo library that is a migration of your existing library. Allows you to try photos without worry.
Says there person who clearly doesn't understand the difference between a professional DSLR vs a phone camera. You do realize there's a huge difference in the size of the sensor, right? You do realize that no matter how much people claim that a smartphone camera is "almost professional quality", it isn't. The people who want/need this camera for professional work would never consider a phone camera adequate, and for many, the work produced will be blown up and printed...
Interesting comments and debate regarding Snowden.   I guess if you believe that if the government breaks the law, it's not illegal, then you think Snowden is a traitor. Problem is, I don't think ANYONE here actually believes that. Yet so many here condemn Snowden for his actions.   By the way, if you believe that it's not up the the little guy to reveal the injustices perpetrated by his employer, then you must be a "shut the eff up and do your job!" kind of person. If...
So executive who mismanage a company into bankruptcy deserve a bonus? It's like a bad waiter demanding a tip!
One day, a child will die because we can't read the minds of criminals. Oh wait... Privacy is privacy. Whether the information is in someone's head or on their phone, if you can't compel people to reveal what they don't wish to reveal, there's not much (legally) that can be done about it. That's what they wish to change... people's right to privacy. Why not just say that then? Oh right. Because then it would be clear why it's not ethical.
What's with all the Bose hate? Whether or not you are a fan of their products, Apple has owned Beats for like, a millisecond and probably knew of this patent suit when it bought Beats. I don't know why Apple just doesn't settle with Bose, a company it's had a decent partnership with. Isn't that just good business? I get that Apple is now competing with Bose but if this patent infringement is valid, settling it quickly just makes sense. Get this situation wrapped up and...
All these government and spy agency concerns about the new security features being too secure are really telling in terms of their attitudes regarding what privacy means. To them, privacy should only exist until these people deem that it's no longer convenient. We are talking about securing information that the government should not have access to in the first place. To say that these security features protect people too much is to assume everyone is a criminal. How is...
If App developers were as short-sighted as this comment, the iPhone would still be just a phone. As others have already stated, ApplePay has nothing to do with laziness but rather, the solving of problems inherent in having to carry around so many cards and the old security technology used to protect them. But hey, don't let this stop you from avoiding the new "lazy" technology.
How old are the people running Samsung's marketing department? It's like the annoying little brother that keeps poking you... until you turn around an beat the crud out of him.
 Right, because snarky remarks are especially helpful.  Ahh. I did not see that. Good to know. Thanks!
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