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I suspect this is because the technician does't know what the user might have been using or which app is misbehaving so removing them all from the app switcher is a way to end all processes. The usefulness of this does not make the article incorrect though.
I agree with this article. Note what it says: "However, many users mistakenly believe that *ALL* apps shown in the app switcher are currently running in the background on their phone, draining performance and battery. That's incorrect." Misbehaving apps can be shut down by removing it from the app switcher. These misbehaving apps can take up resources on your phone, thus causing it to slow down or become unresponsive. In the past, the battery on my iPhone drained rapidly...
Create two text boxes. Select them then select them. Format > Shapes > Unite Shapes Done. As mentioned, not as elegant. Not nearly as flexible. Text flows from top text box to bottom. Can't reposition once they're united. But it works.
Text box linking exists in the desktop version of Pages. Has for a while now. Not as elegant or as flexible as before but it's there.
Ahhh. Yes, I was looking at the previous gen dimms. Thanks!!
Can someone answer some questions for me? Apple's RAM spec indicates the Apple supplied RAM is 1867MHz DDR3. OWC's RAM is 1600MHz. So the frequency is a bit lower.   1. With the 27" iMac's 4 slots, can you use both 1867MHz and 1600MHz RAM at the same time (paired properly)? In other words, can I leave the supplied RAM in and simply add, say two 8GB DIMMs from OWC? 2. What kind and how much of an impact will the lower frequency have on the system?   Thanks in advance!  
Actually, a simple correction. Kim Davis used RELIGIOUS arguments for not following the law. Please don't confuse that with morality.
The crap coming out of this guy's mouth is just simple spin and avoidance of facts. No smart phone had the characteristics described until the iPhone and now, "that's how interaction design works." Well, that's been true ever since Apple came out with the iPhone anyway.
Anyone else find it ironic that upon coming to AppleInsider, I was prompted to install the Flash Player update?
NYT used to provide NEWS, not speculate on rumours. Actually, it used to be that news was about actual facts. Now it's all about speculation so that maybe, just maybe, you can say how smart you were when you happened to be right. I want real news back.
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