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This decision is 100% about money, not diversification of devices in schools. If it were the latter, Apple products would not be excluded completely... and using a physical keyboard as a reason? That's simply ridiculous, as kids are doing fine without them. It's the adults who are used to physical keyboards who find it challenging.
Apple should take some responsibility here. It's not something you typically think you would have to do, and once you no longer have an Apple device, the procedure for unlinking your phone number from iMessage is not clear.
 Although, if it lit up as a "visual ring-tone", that would be cool! That coupled with LED technology?
The fuel bands are simply fancy pedometer that really don't do much and have a very high failure rate. I've heard of so many complaints of product failures and a subsequent lack of support by Nike so this news wouldn't surprise me. It is a crappy product with crappy reliability.
Really? You think so? We are talking about a thermostat, right? We are talking about a company with two products right? While Nest is a cool product, this sounds like a ridiculous buy at that price. Considering the belief that Google will use Nest as a means to gather more data on customers, you can count me out.
 No, but it's copyright infringement.
 Actually, in this case, the ad agency that created the original ad can sue the agency and the company that commissioned the new commercial due to copyright infringement. Happened recently when fashion photographer David LaChapelle sued Rhianna (and won) for a music video she had that was a blatant copy of concept he created in a photograph.
This is so stupid. I mean, what homeless, drug-addicted, thief is going to go through the hassle of this process to unlock a stolen iPhone? Who cares if this method is successful? Unless you have extremely sensitive, private information and are a target of spies, you really shouldn't worry about this hack. There's a difference between something being possible and something being worth doing.
New Posts  All Forums: