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There's another site that does something similar. IMHO the icons look a lot better. There aren't as many to choose from, but it has the ones I need. http://iosshortcuts.appspot.com/
It will work exactly as it does now with MobileMe. You can have separate Apple IDs for iTunes purchases and contact/calendar syncing.
ruby 1.8.7 (2010-01-10 patchlevel 249) [universal-darwin11.0]
Don't forget HDI-45
It's not just OWC drives, but any SSD with a SandForce controller. They are pretty nice drives though. They even make special ones to be used in RAID arrays. OWC SSD
OWC drives don't support TRIM. They don't need to, since they use a SandForce controller.EDIT: nevermind, they do support TRIM. However, you still don't need it.
lack of TRIM support is why I ended up buying an OWC SSD with a SandForce controller, no need to erase the drive on a regular interval.
yup, it's still therehttp://www.apple.com/companystore/
Yes it would. Those programs install kernel extensions so they can have greater control over your hardware.
by identifying the device advertisers can learn things about you based on what apps you use and what ads you tap. This gives them the ability to serve more targeted ads.
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