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This is really just to cover up the fact that United's long haul planes are some of the oldest and least equipped in the business.   Their 747 flies routes up to 12 hours long but in Economy there are no seatback TVs!
  Can you explain how I can choose to only use "the very newest version" of JavaScript in Safari?
2013 for Windows and 2011 for Mac can still be had for $9.95 from http://www.microsofthup.com if you are fortunate enough to work for a company that participates in this program.
iPad selling lots of units does not make it any less of a toy...
Lightning cables only benefit Apple. I'm glad someone has managed to do this and hopefully many more companies start making 'knock offs'.   Either that or Apple does a u-turn and does the sensible thing by adding micro USB to every device.
I dunno. Why are carriers lining up to give iPhone 5 away for free?   http://www.o2.co.uk/iphone/iphone-5
It's still quite shocking that Apple isn't properly fixing this for another few months. The exploit is only fixed if developers put the effort in and update their own apps, because of a flaw in Apple's own software.   We all remember the DigiNotar mess - Apple took weeks to fix that as well. And last week Adobe suffered the same pain as all the iOS developers when their software stopped working because of a change Apple had made.
As usual with Apple - serious security flaw in their software gets left unpatched for weeks or even months. See DigiNotar fiasco for another example of Apple Taking a very long time to act while Google, Microsoft and Mozilla had patches within days. Also what happens to those devices not receiving iOS 6?
Well I ordered one. The price looks like it can't be beat, and it will do Google Reader and web browsing just as well as any iPad or Windows 8 tablet.
  Do you want to explain what part of Game Center is original and was not copied from Xbox Live, Steam, PlayStation Network or Gamespy?
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