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  Or, it sums up Apple's attitude to Mac OS X if it is simply leaving developers to find out the hard way that it is removing APIs.   Apple's developer support leaves a lot to be desired, especially for Mac OS.
  There are a lot of people who had 2 year iPhone 4 contracts that are now coming to an end. I know a few of these people and every one of them has bought either an HTC One X or a Samsung Galaxy S3. People want something fresh. iPhone 4S is not fresh for an iPhone 4 owner, so they are looking elsewhere.   Apple has made a critical error in being so conservative in its updates.
  You appear to be mistaking marketing fail with functionality fail. In what way does Metro "not work" on Windows Phone? 
  This is the "Pro" model with the tactile keyboard. Easily a replacement for my MacBook Air. It has an i5 Processor and runs both metro and desktop apps, so I can use it as both a laptop and tablet. Best part is, no syncing, ever.
  We already know it has Xbox integration because it runs Windows 8.   We already know what apps it runs. The basic model will run only Metro apps, while the Pro model will run any Windows app (in Metro or Desktop mode).
This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for to replace my MacBook Air.   There are two models, one with an ARM processor (Basic) and one with an Intel Core i5 processor (Pro). The ARM one seems to come with the soft, squidgy keyboard cover while the Intel one includes a more rigid plastic keyboard cover so it transforms into something that feels much more like a laptop.   The basic model has Windows RT and a 1280x720 display, while the Pro model has Windows 8...
    Apple can track the number of units sold and activated through iTunes. It's much more difficult for Samsung to track the number of units sold and the "shipped" number is probably the closest and most realistic they have.   Contrary to popular believe here, they don't report it because it somehow makes them look good - they do it because they have nothing else.
Or maybe HTC's profits dropped because everyone knew their new handsets were launching in Q2, so didn't buy them in Q1.   This really has nothing to do with iPhone. The HTC One X has iPhone beat in every department and even though it has only been on sale for a week or two I already see five or six people using them at work.
I don't know why anyone would buy AppleTV when Xbox 360 and PS3 do so much more. And let's face it, the way to get content on to AppleTV is also less than ideal - where is the USB slot or the Blu Ray drive?
So they copied this from Microsoft then, where ski resorts are used as the codenames for Windows: Windows XP - Whistler Windows Vista - Longhorn (a bar at Whistler-Blackcomb) Windows 7 - Blackcomb Seems like Cupertino have been starting their photocopiers.
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