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The Sun said it, so it must be true. Katie would you like to tell us, was this printed before or after the half naked woman this newspaper prints on page 3 every day? Sorry guys, but their "article" is clearly an attempt to publicise their own iPad application.
Apple is suing Samsung for allegedly copying their products. Does it really matter any more? When you go to the store and buy an iPad, you're effectively buying a Samsung tablet!
Amazon press release from last summer showing £109 price. It was $139 in the USA. I'm surprised that your friends were able to give such a definitive answer about sales last summer, given that it only went on sale in late August.
In that case, I don't know where you were shopping while you were here. The only Kindle device that has been on sale here (without ordering from Amazon.com and having it shipped from the USA) is Kindle 3 and it was always £109, rising to £111 with the VAT increase. They haven't released the ad-supported version here at all.
Maybe you need to read the article and my comment again. AI tried to claim that Kindle isn't selling well outside of Europe and North America, but didn't mention that it isn't actually officially on sale there.It's £111 in the UK, just in case you were wondering. Before the VAT increase it was £109.
The "-webkit-" prefixes on all of these attributes indicate that they will only be displayed by WebKit browsers (mainly Chrome and Safari). That means that a maximum of 19.09% of users will see them (far less when you consider that not all users will be running versions of these browsers capable of displaying these animations). Had Apple implemented the same features in Flash then around 98% or 99% would see them. We'll be waiting a while until web developers can...
Nice spin. Maybe it has something to do with Kindle not being sold by Amazon on their online stores in the two countries outside North America and Europe where they operate - Japan and China.
Flash will remain on the web until someone comes up with a way to implement DRM in videos that use the HTML5
Do you guys honestly believe this nonsense?Flash and Flash Player are responsible for a huge amount of the interactivity and multimedia content that has been on the web in the past 10+ years. Without it, we'd have a far less rich internet and massive fragmentation of plugins and media players.I doubt anyone at Adobe or Macromedia set out for "world domination" - they produced a truly excellent product that became popular because of how good it was.If you'd like to suggest...
The reality is that the number of apps available on any store doesn't matter. I can count on one hand the number of applications I have on my phone that I use more than once per week: - Facebook - Twitter - Google Reader - Turn by Turn Navigation - National Rail (train times) iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Android all have applications for these. Additional applications that I might use are not nearly as important, and the functionality of them is likely to be...
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