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Microsoft is still doing very well. They're making the best products they ever have done, such as:- Zune desktop software- Zune hardware and mobile software- Windows Phone 7- Windows 7- Office 2010- Office 2011 for Mac- Xbox 360- Xbox LiveAll great products and deserve to be class leaders if they are not already. I can't think of another company (including Apple) that has put out such a fantastic range of very good products. I'm very pleased with all of my recent purchases...
Oh look Americans, Android phones are still selling despite iPhone being available on more than one carrier. Android leads in the UK, despite iPhone being available on at least five different carriers. I guess you guys can believe us now
I may be wrong here, but I would have thought that for a company to state that the business to business terms apply (even if you "accept" their terms and conditions on the website), that company would need to prove that you are placing your order on behalf of a business. Other companies that do this in the real world (such as cash and carry stores) usually require evidence that you are a business before they will open an account for you.
I'm not bothered about whether my phone stores data about where I go. What I am bothered about is that when Apple is asked what data their phone stores, there is a huge silence and no comment from the company, but when Google is asked the same question they give a prompt and clear reply. What does Apple have to hide?
A good comparison here too - Google responds when asked about this, Apple stays completely silent. I'd be more worried if I was an iPhone owner because Apple appears to have something to hide.
Finally the USA folks will have to realise the reason Android is ahead is nothing to do with iPhone being on only one carrier for the first few years. People from the rest of the world (where iPhone is available on multiple carriers in many countries) have known this for a long time.
But can it compete with Spotify, which offers a MUCH more lightweight client than iTunes and a great library as well as a free service?
I compared the screen in my Samsung Omnia 7 to my friend's iPhone 4. His screen is definitely higher resolution, but overall I think the image was better on my phone because its OLED screen displays the most incredible black levels and the colours are also much more vibrant. Something else we noticed was that the black bezel on the front of iPhone 4 is also not actually completely black. The black around my Omnia 7 is much, much deeper black and despite this the screen...
Why are the results always declared at the end of the day?
This is playground mud slinging. I'm surprised that even DED would stoop this low just to get a few more pageviews and ad dollars.
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