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In the UK Apple TV is £101 while a new PS3 can be had for around £180. Plus, there isn't really much content available on Apple TV and what is there seems to be very expensive.
Surprised so many of these are selling. It really isn't a product worthy of homes when there are devices that do so much more available. It would be cool to have an Apple TV, but I can't justify it when my PS3 does everything it does and so, so much more: Blu Ray DVD Games BBC iPlayer ITV Player Hulu LoveFilm Live TV (with recording to HDD, pause and rewind) Free music videos (how much does Apple charge?!) 4OD Web Browsing (with Flash) Granted, PS3 is more expensive...
Microsoft announced a new update for Windows Phone 7 today, here's what it includes: Multitasking for background processing, audio and file transfer, and fast app switching, including background audio playback for HTML5 webpages Deep phone integration, allowing apps to leverage Live Tiles, including push notifications via Live Agents running in the background Raw access to the camera and sensors (gyro and compass) via the Motion Sensor library, letting apps to control...
Why? What part of Windows Phone 7 do you think isn't good enough when coupled with Nokia's hardware?
Apple doesn't make a video camera. Apple doesn't make a video conferencing device. Apple doesn't make a social network. Remind us all again what this has to do with Apple?
You appear to be describing the Windows of 2004. It's now 2011, and Microsoft is really kicking ass with great products in every area they are involved in. The latest versions of Office and Windows are easily the best they've ever produced and the (relatively) new products like Xbox and Zune are fantastic as well. If they can get the marketing right, then there's no reason why Microsoft cannot catch Apple in the areas where they are currently behind.
AI: "We paid for a subscription to Gartner's reports and by golly we are going to use it!"
Spoken like someone who hasn't laid a finger on a Windows Phone 7 device. I challenge you to try it - the OS is far more polished, far more stable and far more reliable than iOS ever has been. If Microsoft is planning to build on this for future devices, then count me in as a potential customer.
Yep, because everyone wants to edit video at 1024x768.
I recently moved to a new place. I was really disappointed because my iPhone 3GS couldn't pick up a strong signal when I sit in my lounge. If I touched the phone, it would drop the signal completely and the only way to get a signal while holding it was to hold it right up to the corner of the window. A few weeks after I moved, I also got myself a new Samsung Omnia 7. I'm using the same SIM card on the same network, but now I get a consistent 1-2 bars and can easily make...
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